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Aug 21 16 7:48 PM

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I believe that in his previous videos shill Mark Dice has cherry-picked the worst interviews on his 'street petition/question' series (but who knows if they were even real), in my opinion in an effort to demoralize anyone considering speaking out and have them believe it is futile to do so with such an uninformed, dumb population (yes there are a lot of stupid people out there, but I believe they are a far, far smaller percentage than Mark Dice wants you to believe).

Now it looks to me like he is paying people (probably like $5) to play the 'dumb role,' and then he can easily get 'smart' people since most people are well aware of the ridiculousness of his questions. The interviews are of a different character than before and the people appear to be actors of the worst possible quality, like they barely care about looking genuine. Interested on anyone else's thoughts on this:

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Aug 22 16 7:41 PM

HAHA Mark Dice has boobs now
On a more serious note...
Yes, it looks like he told the interviewees something about a guy named Karl Marx, and it could even be possible that all of these people being interviewed DO know the real Karl Marx, but have been told 5 minutes ago that there is a new guy now, someone with the same name as Karl Marx, running third party. Of course, he had to had a more legit-looking interview to tack on the end, of which he did not give the "new Karl Marx" spiel.
In fact, the guy at the 3:00 mark, when asked if he had ever heard of Karl Marx, after saying no, probably added "well I have not heard of THIS Karl Marx, but I am aware of the communist Karl Marx."
People that love mocking the stupid people, are sometimes the people that are trying to make money off of conning people. Ex: his butt buddy Alex Jones

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