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Aug 26 16 2:02 PM

Just a heads-up on the latest disinfo from DITRH, which unfortunately is getting mirrored all over the place. Memory Hole Blog is even featuring it and taking it seriously. I've left a couple of diplomatic comments on the blog, FWIW. People aren't looking at the original C-SPAN video, but instead pointing out "black-outs" in some other video source on-line (with DITRH used) -- but those "black-outs" aren't there on the original C-SPAN video at all.

The biggest issue is what people think they're seeing on the cell phone displays. See my explanation below, and if you want confirmation, watch the first part of the C-SPAN video, and the segment about 31:00 or so where Hillary finishes her speech. Also, there's an analysis that is more revealing from somebody named Dr. Eowyn (I don't know anything about him) -- I've linked that below.


Video Manipulation Suggested in Hillary’s Nevada Speech

mangrove says:    
August 26, 2016 at 3:01 AM

When I first saw this, I also thought WTF. That is, until I examined the original video which DITRH posted a link to fortunately. I believe DITRH and others who are claiming shenanigans are mistaken on the cell phone displays. If you examine the original video in full screen mode and pause often to compare the cell phone displays with the stage, you’ll understand that it’s actually a perspective difference. The cell phones are essentially wide angle shots that show a much larger portion of the stage set, whereas the camera that took the video is a lot further back and zoomed in — like a telephoto lens type shot. That compresses everything, including what appears to be short distances from those holding the cell phone cameras, which are in fact not that close to the stage. Therefore, those cell phone cameras are shooting from further back than it would seem, and are catching a much larger area, which appears to be very different from what we observe in the video. The best proof of this is at the beginning of the ORIGINAL video (not DITRH’s) where you can watch Hillary’s entrance onto the stage and can make out the podium and the flag backdrop, and Hillary herself on the main cellphone camera being held up — it all matches up, just with different perspectives (wide vs. zoom). This can also be verified in the segment shown on DITRH’s video, but it’s easier to discern at the beginning of the original video.

Please understand I’m no Hillary fan — I think all of these people are scum of the earth, BUT we need to be careful at analyzing these kinds of situations, that’s all.

+ + + + +

Devilry at Hillary Clinton’s Reno speech
by Dr. Eowyn


Based on the side-by-side comparison above, my conclusion is that Hillary Clinton did deliver her speech in an auditorium at Truckee Meadows Community College in Reno, NV, instead of what some allege — that she was standing in front of a green screen.

+ + + + +

EDIT: Just following up since MattyD put out the following which debunks the DITRH video.


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#82 [url]

Sep 16 16 12:51 PM

(Bumping an 'official' list again with names added. If anyone suggests a name below be removed it can be argued and removed or kept. Please add proposed additions in comment form not by editing and re-posting list.)

7 Trumpets Prepper
A Call for an Uprising (unconfirmed but suspicious)
Abby Martin / Breaking the Set (unconfirmed but suspicious)
Ace Baker / CollinAlexander
Adam Kokesh
Agent S
Alexander Cockburn
Alex & Allyson Grey
Alex Jones
Alfred Stubblebine
Amazing Atheist
AMTV (unconfirmed IMO but highly suspicious)
Amy Goodman / Democracy Now (limited hang-out)
Andrew Anglin
Antonio Subirats
Awakened View UK
Barry Ritholtz
Betsy McGee / Conspiracy Theorista
Big J
Bill Maher
Bill Moyers
Bill Nye
Billy Meier
Bob Lazar
BS Detector
Captain Obvious
Celebrate Truth
Cenk Uygur / The Young Turks
Changing Reason
Charlie Veitch / Love Police
Dave Johnson
David Icke
David Shayler
David Weiss aka DITRH
Disclose Truth TV
Disclosure Team
Divine Pollination
Duncan Trussell
Ed Chiarini/Dallas Goldbug/Wellaware1
Edward Snowden (unconfirmed but highly suspicious IMO)
Eric Dubay
Esoteric Detective
Event Skeptic
Felipe Alexander
Fitzpatrick Informer / Timothy Fitzpatrick
Flat Earth Asshole
Gavin McInnes
Gerald Celente (either shill or useful idiot based on 9/11 comments)
Glenn Greenwald (regrettably; limited hang-out)
Globebusters (as are 95+% of channels in the until recently non-existent 'flat earth movement')
Godlike Productions
Henry Makow
Howard Stern
Howard Zinn
IndependentMediaSolidarity (unconfirmed IMO but highly suspicious)
Innerstanding / Secret Energy Innerversity
Insanity Is Sanity
Jacob Israel
James Randi
Jason A
Jeff C/freeradiorevolution/NewWorldAgenda
Jeremy Scahill (limited hang-out; says questioning of 9/11 is insulting)
Jim Marrs
Joe Biggs (Infowars)
Joe Rogan
John Le Bon
John Moore (Planet X)
John Oliver / Last Week Tonight
Jon Stewart
Julian Assange (unconfirmed but suspicious IMO)
Jungle Surfer
Keith Johnson
Kyle Kulinski / Secular Talk
Leak Project
Lift the Veil
Linea Faerylight Ginn
Luke Rudkowski (has gone in lockstep with Alex Jones since Sandy Hook)
Mark Dice
Mark Sargent / Людин Рɣси
Martin Liedtke
Marty Leeds
Matrix World Disclosure
Matt Boylan / TheNASAChannel
Matt Taibbi
Michael Albert
Michael Moore
Michael Savage
Michael Shermer / The Skeptics Society
Michio Kaku
Nathan Oakley
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Niall Ferguson
Noam Chomsky
ODD TV Conspiracy Vlog
Orphan Red
Patricia Steere
Paul Joseph Watson (Infowars)
Peekay22 / Peekay Truth (almost exclusively plagiarizes content from new researchers to prevent them from gaining audience)
Planate Veritas
Planet X News
Polarization Nation / Dusty Westfield
Rachel Maddow
Ray Kurzweil
Richard Dawkins
Rob Skiba / Quest4Truth
Sarah Silverman
Sam Harris
Sam Seder / The Majority Report
Sander van der Linden
Sevan Bomar
Simon Shack / cluesforum
Stars Are Souls
Stefan Molyneux (unconfirmed IMO but highly suspicious)
Stephen Colbert
Stephen Hawking
Steve Olson / WSO
Steven Crowder
Steven Greer
The Onion
The TomFoolery of the International Space Stage
The WTF Files
Trey Parker & Matt Stone / South Park
Truth Shock TV
UFOTV The Disclosure Network
Wayne Rubens
WeAreChange (has gone in lockstep with Infowars since Sandy Hook)
Whiskey Leaks
Wikipedia (if not internally compromised, editorial process hijacked by disinformation agents)
Zeitgeist / Peter Joseph
Zero Hedge (controlled comments section and membership process, excessive fear-mongering)

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#83 [url]

Jan 1 17 1:44 PM

There are a few on the list I haven't heard of before. The only one I'm not totally certain on that I know of is Red Silver J.. I have never really run into any video he has made which was completely obvious to me was disinfo.. I don't really like his presentation style etc.. but not totally sure he is yet (at least not to put him on the list yet) - Is there anything concrete that shows he is disinfo? He is very popular, which is suspicious of course, but that's kind of all I have seen. Haven't looked too deeply into him though.

Also, the Onion.. I remember back in the day, they had a "Ho Ho Ho 9/11 Was an inside job article" that was being circulated through most colleges.. and they are supposed to be comedy.. I guess I see why they are included, because most of it is diversionary stuff.

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#84 [url]

Jan 2 17 7:42 PM

Yeah I agree with you. The reason I included him is he seemed to be heavily 'favored' by Youtube after Sandy Hook and Boston, possibly even moreso than Peekay. There's also his goofy presentation/outfits and comic voice style, though they could just be for honest entertainment value and certainly don't rise to the ridiculousness of some of the other channels listed. He was always listed as 'unconfirmed' but removed him for now pending clearer evidence.

Here are some links on The Onion. It's kind of overkill but I wanted it to be clear since they and other left gatekeepers like Jon Stewart (, Bill Maher (, Colbert (, Noam Chomsky ( have been among the most damaging figures to the truth movement.

On 9/11:
On Boston Bombing:
Shilling for gun control after Sandy Hook:
After San Bernardino:
On Pizzagate:

Sure some of their 9/11 stuff is ambiguous and sometimes funny, but they're still disinfo in the same way Jon Stewart is, where they're ultimately ridiculing the movement and are most of the time highly hostile towards conspiracy research in general, for example via the classic 'conspiracy theorist' ad hominem attacks (obnoxious, living in mother's basement, crazy, etc.). Similar to South Park who while occasionally mildly subversive has repeatedly attacked 9/11 truthers and says anyone who is angry/upset over things that are going on in the world has a micropenis:

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Sleeping Apples

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#85 [url]

Jan 20 17 3:16 AM

Take a look at this, to me it look like disinfo more than stupidity

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#86 [url]

Jan 29 17 1:05 PM

I would definitely add Alex Grey and Allyson Grey.

Alex apparently hired a guy with substance abuse problems to try and cooperate me with a serires of videos.. I am making a video on it. The guy very recently removed most of his videos after I mentioned I thought he had been hired by Alex Grey.. Basically, they freaked out.

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#87 [url]

Feb 4 17 2:56 PM

Speaking of shills, have you guys seen the charade peekay, russianvids, & histw are perpetrating? ive known those guys were highly questionable, but the involvement of the media absolutely confirms it. i just read that peekay has been arrested & is asking for money. what a load of shit. id get detailed with this post but I'm on my phone. here's an article about peekay from dailymail.

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#88 [url]

Feb 16 17 10:45 PM

trintdaddy wrote:
Speaking of shills, have you guys seen the charade peekay, russianvids, & histw are perpetrating? ive known those guys were highly questionable, but the involvement of the media absolutely confirms it. i just read that peekay has been arrested & is asking for money. what a load of shit. id get detailed with this post but I'm on my phone. here's an article about peekay from dailymail.

Woah! So Sketchy!!!!!

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#89 [url]

Hello, I'm new to this forum. What happened to Crrow777? Why was he removed from the list?

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