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The role of radical Zionists in the world power structure

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Sep 2 16 12:56 PM

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Forgive me in advance for being extremely long-winded here, but I think this is a complex topic with a lot of nuance.

I'd like to clear up my stance on Zionism and whether or not we are dealing with a 'Jewish' conspiracy since I felt I shortchanged the idea a little in the recent conversation with TPS. I have Jewish friends and know a lot of Jewish people (there are many more Jewish people in my area than in other parts of the country), and I really don't like insinuations that it's a 'Jewish' conspiracy, any more than I like insinuations that it's a Christian conspiracy when white non-Jews who were born Christian make up the majority of the power structure, so I was careful linking Jews in general to what was being discussed. TPS didn't suggest it was and made it clear that it's a small minority involved in any conspiracy and not Jewish people at large. 

Huge portions of the power structure, mainly the 'Anglo-American' and European interests described by Carroll Quigley, are not controlled by Jewish interests. If you look at the Bilderberg attendee list for example, the majority are white Christian non-Jews. If you look at Bohemian Grove, it's the same. In both groups, Jews are a minority. If you look at the CIA, FBI, NSA, and intelligence world, there have historically been few Jews, and it's been made up almost entirely of 'WASPs,' more broadly people of English /Dutch /German/ Scandinavian descent, and I'd guess there are few Jews in it today. The Upper East Side Manhattan elite until recently barred Jews from living in their co-ops, and some unofficially still do. There's really no evidence that the Rockefellers, Morgans, Carnegies, Vanderbilts, etc, were Jewish (as alleged by some) or ruled by the Rothschilds, and they all appear to be Christian. A large majority of the powerful American families of the 18th 19th and 20th centuries, the old money in the US, Robber Barons, etc, over the history of the country have not been Jewish. Very little of European royalty and old money have been Jewish.  

Looking at the power structure today, the oil and natural resource interests and defense industry interests who have benefited from war in the Middle East (and received most of the related contract spending) and directed foreign policy elsewhere are generally not Jewish, as far as I know. Freemasons and politicians/Presidents (all the interrelated families, etc) associated with them are said to play a role in the power structure, the design of the US capital and federal buildings, etc., (a subject I haven't looked into that much), and they overwhelmingly aren't Jewish either. Many major banks are owned or run by Jews, but I strongly doubt that most are. If you look at the political and financial interests behind the Federal Reserve, none of the politicians and only 1 of 6 of the Jekyll Island conspirators behind it were Jewish, albeit the one being a Rothschild representative. The early Rhodes Round Table and globalist groups were not mostly Jewish. In the media and Hollywood, Jews, many of whom have a radical social and political agenda, do clearly dominate. However there's a lot of nuance even in this field. The majority of Jewish actors, writers, producers, directors, and media executives are surely not 'in on it,' so it isn't so simple as pointing to any Jew in the media world and saying 'Aha! Another radical Zionist/Illuminist!' This should go without saying, but it has to be said based on the logic I've seen in many articles and videos out there. Every Jewish person that TPS has mentioned both in the media and government (mostly related to Israeli dual citizens who were involved in the 9/11 cover-up) has in fact been 100% part of the power structure.

The last four Federal Reserve chairmen have been Jewish, and it's arguably the single most powerful position in the world. 4 out of the last 4 and at least 6 out of 14 chairmen have been Jewish. It could be as many as 10, but I can't find any definitive sources on Harding, Crissinger, Young, or Black. This, especially the recent streak, combined with significant representation in the news media and Hollywood is probably the most convincing argument for rule in large part by Jewish forces, the media and banking sectors being the 'commanding heights' of the society and economy in my opinion (but as noted below, the largely non-Jewish intel/defense worlds and natural resource sector also holds significant power). On the other hand, the Bank of England, Bank of Japan, Bundesbank, European Central Bank, and Bank for International Settlements are all run by non-Jews and member banks mostly owned by non-Jews. It's also important to note that the majority of the biggest US banks are not Jewish-owned or managed, and those banks own the Fed (the Fed is owned by the Federal Reserve System member banks). That could bolster theories that Jews are not in charge of banking but are to some extent set up to do the dirty work for non-Jews, to be the fall guy in case the system collapses, allowing non-Jews to retain credibility and continuity of rule. An example of this would be that Jews were historically hired by non-Jews as tax and rent collectors, leading to a 'shoot the messenger' mentality. This argument only goes so far though, and I believe radical Zionists do play a major and direct role in the power structure, and aren't merely acting as proxies for other groups, though I believe they are one of a few major power players, and not necessarily supreme over the others. 

A major question in all this is whether the media (and the neocon/neolib Zionists who control an outsized portion of it) is a master, servant, or associate of the 'NWO' power structure. I describe the top of the system as the 'media-intel-banking complex,' but who, if anyone, among those three is in charge I can't say. I lean strongly towards the media as an associate, who when acting cohesively is one of a few mafias with a major seat at the table (if it is in fact a totally global or near-global conspiracy, let's take a stab at describing 'the table' as deriving from the following 'worlds:' Five Eyes intelligence/military-industrial complex, American bankers and corporate shareholders, Western European corporate banking and Royalty interests, Zionist Jewish media and banking interests, Saudi interests and oil kingdom allies, Japanese corporate and banking interests, and possibly a Russian/Eastern European/former Soviet and Chinese contingent if they are in fact insiders, with any African, Latin American groups lacking significant power comparatively). As far as who of those groups is the boss, even the banking system could not exist without the media's approval, but it could also be strongly argued that any insiders, in media and banking included, who don't play ball with the overwhelmingly Anglo intel/defense complex could be eliminated or otherwise 'neutralized.' Plus there has been intel's role in directing the media, including by infiltrating chief executive positions in several major news networks, e.g. Operation Mockingbird. The overarching point here is that any agenda I can think of that has been described as Jewish is also being furthered by Christian conspirators, and outside of the media sector, the majority of people behind these agendas are not Jewish but Christian. I believe many Jews with powerful positions in the news media and Hollywood are carrying out an evil and Satanic agenda meant to propagandize and degrade viewers, but not as Jews, rather as members of the 'Illuminati'/'NWO' or whatever group(s) it is that has this agenda, alongside the majority of 'members' of this group who are not Jews.

I do agree that an increasing number of radical neocon Zionists have taken over key US foreign policy positions and steered US foreign policy to the benefit of Israel for decades, and I did generally agree with TPS's 'Zionist 9/11 coup' video from a while ago. I also agree that it appears Mossad was one of the main if not the main perpetrator of 9/11, but certainly had the help of US intelligence or elements therein, probably CIA, and had aid in covering it up by many high-level officials in the US government the majority of whom were not Jewish, although a significant number were. There was also cover-up by airline industry higher-ups who I would guess are not mostly Jewish and historically have had links to the CIA. The reason I downplayed TPS's comment about foreign aid to Israel is that it is insignificant compared to overall war spending, most of which occurs in the Middle East and is mostly to the geopolitical benefit of Israel and/or Saudi Arabia, though it's mostly non-Jewish interests who are enriched by it. The extra 9/11-related war spending has been $9.2 trillion so far since the year 2000, where it would have been $6.2 trillion if it had kept pace with inflation. Aid to Israel is not included in that budget but adds up to about $80 billion since 2000, or less than 1% of the foreign policy-related spending (0.15% of overall federal spending). However, if you conclude that 9/11 was Mossad-CIA, then radical Zionists are responsible for much more spending, although little of that has gone to Israel itself or apparently Jewish interests (aside from banking interests who collect interest on war debt, though due to the nature of the banking system A) societal indebtedness is inevitable, so B) the public indebtedness would have occurred from domestic spending, or in the form of private debt, and would have been about as deleterious to the economy as a whole. I referred to the documentary Renaissance 2.0 that explains how this works and recommend everyone watch it.)

It should also go without saying that the vast majority of ordinary Jewish people have no relation whatsoever to the 'Illuminati'/'NWO' or anything sinister (I'm only pointing it out because of insane accusations by a very small minority in the 'conspiracy community' that all Jews are warned about certain impending disasters, etc.). Most are just living normal lives and working normal jobs. They're largely middle-income, and have no link to or benefit from the banking system. Israelis themselves are economically worse off than Americans and Western Europeans; the average wage is less than half that in the US. Many Jews in and outside Israel do not support Israel's continued encroachment against Palestinians and the concentration-camp-style policies in Gaza, or support Israel at all. Hasidic Jews universally protest against Israel's policies and most do not support the existence of the state itself and believe it is a threat to Jews and Judaism. Many Jews are involved in the truth movement, and many are anti-war libertarians. In my local Ron Paul meetup, which also got into 9/11 and anti-Fed meetups, people who appeared to be Jewish were clearly over-represented (let's throw out a figure of 15-20% or more of the group when they are only 2% of the population, and maybe 5-10% or so in my area). Claims of a wider conspiracy point to Mossad's Sayanim volunteers, who do extend the group's apparent reach and size. But I seriously doubt that these people make up more than a tiny percentage of Jewish people. It's been estimated at 20,000 in the US, which is 0.3% of Jewish Americans. There are probably secret and semi-secret religious societies in the Christian world, and I won't name names because I haven't really looked into it, who have ties to people in the largely non-Jewish Western intel world and might lend them assistance. How would they be different from Sayanim? In terms of religion, most American Jews are non-practicing, let alone adherents of a specific Judaic doctrine, and they intermarry with non-Jews more than any other faith does. Some will point to something like an epidemic of rabbis who molest children as proof that Judaism itself is inherently corrupt by extension. Are Catholics corrupt because of the recent rampant child sex abuse among priests? Of course not. Why should we have the double standard?

I also wanted to address the claim in the podcast that Jews were restricted in livelihoods in Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance period. This is true. Jews were allowed to own homes in cities but in most countries where they lived were not allowed to be farmers or purchase large land tracts, and were generally excluded from feudal landholding which was the domain of white Christians. (In many cities Jews were also limited to certain neighborhoods (hundreds of years before WWII), usually poor neighborhoods.) Jews thus tended to work in knowledge-based trades. This has led to a culture where portability of wealth and skills is highly valued, which is why you see a lot of Jewish doctors, lawyers, accountants, consultants, stockbrokers, etc. today. In the Middle Ages the majority of Jews were shopkeeps, street sellers, and other kinds of merchants, as well as mechanics/repairmen. Other less savory occupations worked by Jews were pawnbroker, lender, and slave trader, but these comprised a tiny percentage of Jews (<5% total). Education is considered an asset just as much as land, and as I understand there is mentality of landowning as being a trap or for suckers. The valuing of mobility very highly is similar to gypsy culture. I think both gypsies and Jews held and in some cases do still hold a deep derision for sedentary Europeans, and as I will get into in a future blog post, I think this animus for 'settled people' isn't entirely unfounded, one reason being that they can be exploited by and go along with governments as a means to keep their land plots, and tend to be hostile to, if not violent against, groups who wish to retain mobility and have a less absolutist perspective on land ownership rights. Focusing on banking, Christians were forbidden by religion to work as bankers (interest was banned by the church), money lenders, or money changers, which led to a Jewish takeover of the industry. Historical sources show that only a low single-digit percentage of Jews (1-2%) were involved in the industry. 

Another thing is that I don't like the term Zionist, because most Zionists simply believe in the right of Jews to have a state in the Levant, and don't necessarily support the settlements or encroachment onto Palestinian land. Given that Judaism originated in Israeli territory, I don't have a problem with that. It was a mistake to try to undo the past and create the state and to kick Palestinians off their land, but it's too late to correct it now. Not every historical injustice or regret can or even should be corrected, and as far as I'm aware Jews weren't forcibly removed en masse from Israel at any point, but maybe I'm wrong about that. I don't see Irish or Scottish Celts demanding restoration of the Halstatt homeland they left behind. The best we can do in Israel at this point is to restore the old, originally agreed upon Palestinian borders and have two totally autonomous states. If Jews have a peaceful state in the Middle East, that isn't really going to be an issue for anyone, or it shouldn't be. However, Israel's violation of border agreements and genocide against Palestinians, with the clear goal of eventually exterminating them as a group, is wrong and should be stopped.

So again, we need a new term for this real group, like Zionist imperialist or radical Judeofascist (like the term 'radical Islamofascism'), etc., if any term is to be used, and use it exclusively to distinguish from people who believe all Jews are somehow in on it, and since the history of associating all or almost all Jews with that agenda is so long, I think it should be explicitly stated every time that it isn't referring to the overwhelming majority of Jews. Some adjective in the term needs to exclude A) Jews in general and B) the majority of Jews who believe Israel has the right to exist, but aren't 'Greater Israel' expansionists, don't support the situation in Gaza, and aren't tied to the power structure in any way. Even then, we have no religious descriptor for Christians involved in the power structure, so I don't see why we necessarily have to for Jewish members other than to point out they are involved in evil activities and let other people draw any conclusions about the role their religion may or may not play in it. The focus on religion also overlooks the big, rarely discussed problem with advocates of Zionism who are not Jewish religiously or ethnically (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Biden, etc.) On that subject, I think it could be possible that Israel and radical Zionism itself were promoted, even designed by primarily-Christian Western powers as a means for staying involved in the Middle East, spending trillions on war, and suppressing liberties at home.

In short, I think describing it as a solely or even primarily Jewish conspiracy is a cop-out, specifically for white non-Jews, some of whom want to be free of all blame and don't want to face the disturbing reality that the enemy is in large part within, not on the outside, and want to turn what is in many ways a personal struggle on the individual level into a simple ethnic conflict. Anyone who is commenting on the role of radical Zionists should strongly emphasize their distinction from other Jews and communicate the other above nuances if they want credibility to outsiders, as well as to Jews involved in the truth movement. Otherwise Jews, like anyone else, will defend their brethren even if they disagree with them. And it's important not just to say 'some Jews are OK' and name one or two people, which is arguably implying that most are not OK and involved, legitimizing claims of anti-Semitism. It may be tiresome to do so every time it's discussed, but given how strong the stigma is and how sensitive the subject, I think it's necessary.

So is there some kind of real radical Zionist conspiracy, however cohesive, that is driving US intervention in the Middle East, draining billions a year in aid, villainizing Muslims via both the news media and Hollywood, endangering and killing Muslims in the Middle East, attacking anyone else who opposes its agenda, and using any ties it has in the banking system to its benefit? Undoubtedly. Does it consist of only Jews? No, and many, even most, behind it are non-Jews. Would there be some other bogeyman created if it wasn't the Islamic terrorist (as there were communists, anarchists before that, etc.)?  In all likelihood, yes, and the West doesn't need the Israeli (or Saudi) deep state to manufacture a threat of Islam and Islamic terrorism, though the latter is ready and willing to help. Would our problems be solved if the radical Zionist power elite (for lack of a better term) were gone tomorrow? Absolutely not, and the core conspiracy and vast majority of (non-Jewish) conspirators would remain. 

Personally, I think the evidence shows that 'The Network,' to use Joseph Plummer's term for the power structure, consists of members of all religions and is not oriented towards any major religion or theology in particular; if there is any shared 'spirituality', it might be an allegiance to and association with some kind of dark force. To whatever extent radical Zionists are acting cohesively and independently from the rest of the 'Illuminati' power structure, and I acknowledge there is some extent of independent collusion, they are only one of several players at the table, and even then do not have anything to do with the overwhelming majority of other Jews, which makes terms like 'Jew World Order' as bigoted and misleading as Christian World Order would be. 

I think the best strategy on this issue is to acknowledge the facts when the subject comes up -  the enormous Jewish over-representation among Federal Reserve heads and heads of news media sources, record companies, and Hollywood studios, the latter of which are all clearly in on the production of fake news 'tragedies' and propagandizing of the American people (it's not their religion alone that's an issue, it's that accompanied with their universal promotion for Middle East intervention, ridicule of 9/11 truthers, and villainization of Muslims); the commission of 9/11 at least partially by Mossad and the direction of US foreign policy by Israel-linked interests for decades, the role of Israeli companies like ICTS in many hoax events (as well as odd things like the Great Seal of the US having a Star of David at the top)- as they are very relevant to the current state of the world, but if you are going to do so to ALWAYS accompany it with a huge amount of qualification that while you believe there to be some kind of cohesive Zionist conspiracy that needs to be put out in the open and not made a taboo subject, you are not in any way referring to all Jews, most Jews, or anything more than a very small minority of Jews, and that you don't hold the others guilty for any of it. And also to ALWAYS point out that most of the power structure consists of white Christians (and if anyone disagrees with that, I'd like to hear the evidence). That way the conspirators/'Network' members who are Jewish will not be able to keep hiding behind the vast majority of generally non-guilty Jews and referring to pogroms and genocides, etc. each time they are called out. The best way in my opinion to achieve the goal of targeting these conspirators in the media and Hollywood is not to harp on the fact that they are Jewish, just to repeatedly call them out as being actively involved in the deceptions that are being carried out, and not just looking the other way. To point out that the media isn't just helping the government, that they are in every sense part of the real government, which isn't limited to the three branches. The credibility and objectivity of the media needs to be repeatedly and completely called into question so that they are exposed as propaganda outlets, not news and entertainment companies, and any power that is there, Zionist or Ilumminist in nature or otherwise, will be reduced.

Any disagreements or thoughts on the nature of this aspect of the power structure are welcome.

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Peace Gal

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#2 [url]

Sep 2 16 10:39 PM

You left out the medical establishment (pharmaceuticals, AMA, medical schools, JAMA), education (ivy league school provosts and presidents, common core leaders), the judiciary (supreme court justices, circuit judges), congressional committee chairmans, Silicon Valley tech execs and transhumanists, majority ownership of NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL. From the data I read, there is up to 2,000% over representation by the tribe in these key power center positions. There is a complete lack of those in the same religion as the Bergs and Steins publicly denouncing and speaking out against the cartel, en masse. One can speak out against Zionism, but one can't speak out against "Jews"......wonder why that is?

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#4 [url]

Sep 3 16 8:23 AM

SandyHooked. If you're going to comment, at least make it substantive, rather than posting glib platitudes.

So for transhumanists I know of Kurzweil but who else? I looked up a few conferences and while there was a large over-representation of Jews, it didn't appear to be dominated by Jewish people.

As far as Senate commitees, I knew of Joint Economic, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations offhand. None are chaired by Jews. Then I looked up some other big ones: Hatch Finance (non-Jew), McCain Armed Services (non-Jew), Alexander Health & Education (non-Jew). Grassley Judiciary (non-Jew), Johnson Homeland Security (non-Jew). I looked into it and there doesn't appear to be a single Jewish chairperson for any of the 21 Senate committees. You referred to 'data you read,' but that was clearly just BS.

Tech execs. Let's look at the Big Four: Gates Microsoft (non-Jew; also driving force behind Common Core which you made reference to), Cook Apple (non-Jew), Schmidt Google (non-Jew), Zuckerberg Facebook (Jew). Let's expand to Moore and Bryant Intel (non-Jews), Bosack Chambers Robbins Cisco (non-Jews), Rometty IBM (non-Jew), Musk Paypal (non-Jew), Bezos Amazon (non-Jew), Whitman HP (non-Jew), Dell Dell (Jewish), Ellison Oracle (half-Jewish). Then of course Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Panasonic, etc, all non-Jew.

Sports teams. I suspect you know of a few Jewish owners or presidents and are making assumptions. There are 100+ teams and probably 500+ sole owners, co-owners, and presidents. I know of many non-Jewish owners and really don't feel like going through that. If you have a primary source please provide it.

University presidents. Patten Oxford (non-Jew) Gilpin Faust Harvard (non-Jew), Salovey Yale (Jewish), Eisgruber Princeton (raised Catholic, half-Jewish), Tessier-Lavigne Stanford (non-Jew), Rawlings Cornell (non-Jew), Gutmann Penn (Jewish), Bollinger Columbia (non-Jew), Paxson Brown (non-Jew), Hanlon Dartmouth (non-Jew). Let's add Doyle Georgetown (non-Jew), Falk Williams (non-Jew), Martin Amherst (non-Jew), Smith Swarthmore (non-Jew), Brodhead Duke (non-Jew), Sullivan UVa (non-Jew), Daniels Johns Hopkins (non-Jew). There's an over-representation  in academia, but nothing close to a majority.

Judiciary. Before Scalia's death, 3 out of 9 Supreme Court justices were Jewish. I haven't really looked into the federal judiciary side but I again suspect you're just thinking of a few and making assumptions, since most of the federal judges I have heard of over the years and know of locally have not appeared to be Jewish, while there is some over-representation, as there obviously is in the entire law field (all judges are former lawyers).

Medical/Pharma. Again, there are thousands of high-level people involved here, and unless you go through a few hundred there's not going to be anything conclusive. And as I've pointed out, Jews have long gravitated towards medicine as a profession, as well as Indians, Chinese, etc., so there's going to be some over-representation. But if you want to be lazy and operate on bad assumptions to absolve non-Jews of guilt like many of the people I've criticized in the first post, that's on you. For Pharma offhand we've got Oschmann Merck (non-Jew), Hampton GlaxoSmithKline (non-Jew) Reinhardt Novartis (non-Jew), Read Pfizer (non-Jew), Gorsky Johnson & Johnson (non-Jew), Baumann Bayer (non-Jew), Soriot AstraZeneca (non-Jew), not to mention the largest foreign companies that are all run by non-Jews. More unfounded BS.

To a large extent I think it's a case of people seeing what they want to see. They'll see 'Jew' in every face, and ignore the non-Jews. Count half-Jews, quarter-Jews, eighth-Jews, sixteenth-Jews and ridiculously, people with Jewish spouses as Jewish when it's convenient, and exclude them when it isn't. Then all of the sudden you might have 40 million supposed American Jews to potentially count from instead of 8 or 10. But of course if you do that you will (if you're like most blogs I've seen) still refer to Jews as being 2% of the population and work up misleading statistics based on that. And if you look at some of the sites on this subject, sources are rarely given, and in many cases the claims appear to completely be made up. It's not just a flawed methodology, it's pulling things out of the air.

For centuries in Europe and later in America, Jews have lived in highest concentrations in leading economic and technology centers (New York, large metropoles in Eastern and Central Europe). This combined with a high valuing of education led to over-representation in law, science, and medicine and an easier path to prominent positions. There are also some short-term evolutionary factors. I think the single biggest difference in representation in certain fields is that while Jews are not smarter at the highest levels, there are fewer less-intelligent Jews than there are in other groups including among white non-Jews, because for much of history there was no place for lower-intelligence individuals, unlike white non-Jew society, where the large majority of people for long periods of time were farmhands and peasants. That doesn't mean they were dumb, but they didn't need to be especially smart to survive. It takes more of the kind of intelligence that is rewarded in today's society to be a merchant, accountant, lawyer, lender, etc. especially one who has to be highly adaptable to succeed after moving to new areas and starting over. I think trends like these can compound quickly as population levels explodes and create large gaps between groups. If there's a food crisis in the future where 99% of the big ag players are German or English, and much more power shifts to agriculture and natural resources, will there be an Anglo-Saxon conspiracy or world order (even though then they would still not hold that much power)? No. But again, that's not even analogous since there is not really Jewish domination in any major field but media.

There's also surely some favoritism at play in terms of boards who give various awards, admissions into academic programs and fellowships, etc. But I think that's to be expected. Everyone plays favorites with their 'own kind' to at least a small extent. It's unfortunate and unfair but not necessarily indicative of some grand, cohesive conspiracy.

Can you explain how you think this all works? Is there some kind of 'Jew committee' that has secret meetings and excludes all the Goyim and makes decisions? Like I said, upwards of 99% or more of Jews have nothing whatsoever to do with the power structure and are in no position to make any kind of sinister plans or decisions. There might indeed be a secret or semi-secret group akin to Freemasons where some Jews are able to exert power in concert, but I'm not aware of any such group, and if there were one it would represent a tiny percentage of Jews. I am aware of the 'Illuminati' or whatever they are, i.e. people in power, including many of the highest-level Jews in the power structure, who associate themselves with Satanic symbols.

I'm not saying you shouldn't point it out when Jewish or Christian Zionists promote foreign policy for the benefit of Israel and villainize Muslims in the media and film. I don't dispute that there are Jews who hold a lot of power and do evil things with it. Some are acting in concert, either in some kind of group or as Zionists, but most even at those levels surely aren't. Then you have the other 99% or so of Jews. Why are you lumping them all together? If you managed to unseat only the highest-level, sinister Jews in the power structure, as I pointed out it would not solve any of the problems we face, since most of the overall sinister power structure is non-Jewish. Given this, it's illogical and counterproductive to absolve non-Jews of blame and look over them, and characterize the power structure as Jewish in nature when it is Satanic in nature.

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Peace Gal

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#5 [url]

Sep 3 16 9:04 AM

Marrying into Judaism does count because the spouse is then considered to be one of them. Ivanka trump, Chelsea Clinton and biden's daughter all married Jews - you think this is a coincidence? Would have been unheard of 50 years ago.  Samantha Power is married to Cass Sunstein.   Alex Jones was married to a Jewish woman and his children are therefore Jewish and dual citizens.   There are no Protestants on the Supreme Court, whereas at least half the population would define themselves as Protestant!!! Many of the Ivy League presidents and provosts have Jewish spouses. Daniel Coleman, head of common core, is Jewish.  Many of the oil barons, by far the most wealthiest people in the region in my neck of the woods are Jewish.   Their wealth has spilled into numerous other business interests and non profits. If the Rothschild rumors are true, they would have the resources to set up families in states or regions to basically monopolize the resources and shift them into whatever interests suits their agenda, non profit or otherwise. You didn't mention congressional leaders like Chuck Schumer or Barney Frank or Debbie Wasserman Schulz. You can minimize the "number" of Jews in leadership, but as a percentage of their total population, even taking into account 15% of population in urban centers of New York State or Florida, there is still a gross misrepresentation in leadership as a "percentage".   And yes I do think they hire within the tribe, absolutely. All have the same agenda at this point.  And I don't see what the big deal is for pointing this out, except for the programming from the 360+ holocaust films produced or newspaper holocaust headlines every blessed day, which tell us never to speak ill of Jews lest we be an anti-Semitic Hitler. If the Chinese instead were in these power positions (their distinct names and physical features give them away) you don't think everyone would be wringing their hands about it, rightfully so??

If you are sincere in your rebuttal, you might look through wikispooks Israel did 9/11. If you are sincere, look up the owners of the NBA teams.  When Donald Sterling went down, he was billed as an old rich WHITE guy, not a word that he was in fact Jewish. 

You keep saying "99%" of Jews are not involved - where did you come up with that generalization?  

This is all off the top of my head and rambling, but the point is so easily made I can do it with my eyes closed and incomplete sentences  at this stage of the game. 

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#6 [url]

Sep 3 16 9:33 AM

If you read my first post, you'd see I already said that it's clear that Mossad was one of the main if not the main parties involved in 9/11. You need to be sincere in your reading and researching. Not skimming (if even that) and making assumptions.

I'm not looking up the various owners and presidents of 120+ pro teams. You do it or point to the supposed data on it. I've already disproven the majority of other claims you made about other fields.

We're not talking about children of Jewish mothers who are raised Jewish and could be called Jewish even if they're only half-Jewish or less ethnically. We're talking about non-Jewish men who marry Jewish women. They're not Jewish. They don't practice Judaism in most cases, and they have no Jewish ethnicity. Being accepted as family by in-laws doesn't make them Jewish. It's a ridiculous claim.

Daniel Coleman isn't 'head' of Common Core. He's president of the College Board, which designs the SATs. Common Core was spearheaded by Bill and Melinda Gates and the Gates Foundation provided all the initial funding for it. Gates almost single handedly made it happen. Coleman worked for CC and had a major hand in designing the CC program, along with William McCallum (non-Jew), Phil Daro (non-Jew), and Susan Pimentel (non-Jew), and Jason Zimba (likely Jewish), but he wasn't the biggest force behind it.

Seriously, stop b*tching about Protestant under-representation. The vast majority of Congressmen, Supreme Court justices, and every President in US history except JFK have been Protestant. The majority of the non-Jews mentioned above are Protestant. Almost all of the Skull and Bones crew, the CIA intel world, the Ivy League Anglo-American old money, Protestant. If any major (white) group has a right to complain, it's Catholics.

None of the major original oil barons were Jewish. If you can muster any kind of argument that most are today, I'll eat my hat. Biggest oil companies: Tillerson ExxonMobil (non-Jew), Odum Shell (non-Jew), Watson Chevron (non-Jew), Lance ConocoPhillips (non-Jew).

I come up with 99% (I said upwards up which means close to or more than) because there are towns near me where upwards of 20-30% of the population are Jewish, and in my college probably 30% of students were Jewish (one of the highest percentages of all colleges). It's where most Jews live in the US (Northeast but not New England). They're overwhelmingly just normal people with normal jobs. To me there's nothing mysterious about it like there might be to people in most of the country where very few Jewish people live. Based on experience, I'd have to assume that applies to almost all of them, which is why I said upwards of 99%. None of them are especially powerful. Virtually all of the people I know and personally know of who are in positions of power in powerful institutions happen to be non-Jewish. That said, close to or more than 99% of all non-Jews I know and have known also have little or nothing to do with the power structure.

If we're going to continue this, please come back with counter-argument based on facts and examples (not saying vague things like 'many are...'). You must have done your research with your eyes closed too. Where is the 'data' you refer to?

I never denied there was a large over-representation. There is, especially in certain fields. What I'm disputing is that the power structure is Jewish in nature or consists of a majority of Jews, when it's clear it doesn't. Please read the actual post you responded to before commenting further.

Gianthoax: I responded to your message

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Peace Gal

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#7 [url]

Sep 3 16 10:05 AM

So your personal experience informs the 99% figure?  Got it. 

There's a reason citizens in Europe are thrown in prison if they question the veracity of the holocaust story. 

List of Jewish NBA owners and general managers - Google is your friend. 

Wikispooks isnt just about 9/11, it also lays out Jewish dominance in the various power centers. There's a reason I qualified my statement with questioning your sincerity.......

i wont be responding anymore. the points are easily searchable and verifiable. 


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#8 [url]

Sep 3 16 10:24 AM

NBA is one league out of four. Throw in MLB, NFL, and NHL and it's much less pronounced.

From this article it appears that somewhere around 25% of pro sports team owners between those four leagues have Jewish owners, with the NBA being by far the highest percentage (46%). It's still a major over-representation, but considering it's basically an extension of the entertainment business, it's not that surprising.

I think I've countered all of your points pretty thoroughly. I'm open to discussion on the topic and think there's something to discuss, otherwise I wouldn't have started the thread. I've acknowledged the over-representation in certain major power centers, and I've acknowledged 9/11 (and the USS Cole, etc). I haven't acknowledged rule or majority composition (which has been claimed on many blogs), because the facts don't even come close to bearing it out. You attempted to lay out cases for dominance in various fields, and upon inspection there was no evidence for it. Please provide a link to the wikispooks article you're discussing so I and others can look at it.

Questioning and investigating any event including the Holocaust should be legal. I think its illegality has resulted more from a need to protect the credibility of the system and its fake histories (especially in justifying its most spectacular event of World War II, which justifies all future military interventions a la Godwin's), and from a lobbying effort by powerful Jews than it has from Jewish rule. If a special interest is strong enough they can get their way and make certain things happen. That doesn't mean they rule everything.

​You want a black and white world where you can absolve non-Jews and villainize and scapegoat outsiders only. That isn't reality, and I started this thread to point that out because it's a simpleton worldview that's infecting the truth movement, and it undermines truthtellers who point out Israel's involvement in 9/11 and US intervention in the Middle East. That it's a mixed bag and variety of factions is an unpopular idea because people want things to be simple and not too close to home. If you say it's all the Jews then you immediately get a certain audience. In other forums, mainly the mainstream ones, if you so much as mention the Israeli lobby or Zionists you'll get tarred and feathered (although decreasingly so in recent years), since there neither of them can do any wrong.

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Peace Gal

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#9 [url]

Sep 3 16 6:52 PM

I don't assume only Jews are involved. Of course they have their dupes and power hungry leeches who want a seat at the world table and therefore cow tow to their shadowy masters. Many non Jews are complicit. The question, however, is who is DRIVING the narratives and has been for well over 100 years.  At least you admitted media is completely controlled by Jews.  Ask yourself how that media control came to be, if there are so many different groups with power-Catholics, mafia, Christian zionists- how did they give up complete control of the narrative to the meager, 1% of evil Jews without so much as a whimper?

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#10 [url]

Sep 3 16 8:31 PM

There's this thing called evidence, and you've presented none of it that shows that the non-Jews who comprise a large majority of the power structure are mere hangers-on or guiltless dupes.

As I said in the first post, I believe the media, which isn't majority Jewish, to be an associate of the power structure, not its master. It has its own interests, which coincide with geopolitical Zionist interests since a large percentage of its members are Zionists, but it must in addition to them promote Satanist/Illuminist interests, which most of the Jews and non-Jews in the power structure are aligned with anyway, so there's no conflict. This doesn't necessarily mean that these people in the media are running things, they're just manning their piece of the power turf and playing their role. Like I said, do you think the non-Jew intel and surveillance world, for all intents and purposes a sovereign cluster of interests, couldn't knock off a few media execs to keep them more or less in line? If guns and gold rule the world as some say, Zionists in the media, who again aren't a majority, have nothing close to a monopoly on either.

The non-Jews in the power structure want Zionism, they want Middle Eastern intervention, they want a bogeyman, a conflict point, a 'stumbling block.' There's nothing that indicates that Jews are directing the narrative and power system rather than being directed by non-Jews, or just 'playing ball' (i.e. as basically equal partners or associates with other major elements of the power structure) which is rarely necessary since the interests of all parties involved are fairly similar or can be reconciled. If you have any evidence of the situation being one of those and not the other, or being some other paradigm, please provide it. The evidence is not in them manning a majority of power positions in the world economy, which they don't as I've amply demonstrated.

I didn't mention 'Catholic elites' as a major power center beyond ecclesiastical power. I personally have seen zero evidence for the Vatican/Jesuit-rule thesis. I detailed what I believe the power centers to be above. And I wasn't referring to the Sicilian mafia, who are minor players globally. I was referring to the Anglo-American-Five Eyes mafia (which includes most of the upper-level US government, and could be broken down into many submafias e.g. intel, military-industrial, oil, banking, etc.), the Zio mafia in media and banking, the European Royalty and old money mafia (banking, oil, business), the Saudi mafia, and others. These factions can only be defined as criminal mafias. They are bound by no norms of behavior the rest of us adhere to (do not kill, do not steal, be honest, etc.) and use coercion and fraud to get what they want.

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#14 [url]

Sep 5 16 12:35 PM

Peace Gal so far:

-opened by saying Jews exclusively or largely control pharma (lie), universities (lie), tech (lie), oil (lie), congressional committees (lie). majority ownership of pro teams (lie), including by citing fake statistics and lying about reviewing non-existent data.
-Said people who marry a Jewish woman are Jewish, a ridiculous statement since they very rarely practice the faith in those cases and have no Jewish ethnicity. In many if not most of these cases the children are not raised Jewish and don't consider themselves Jewish since the woman typically didn't place much importance, if any, on her religion. In those cases they might choose a broad label for the family like non-denominational Christian, which I've seen at least once. Only about 25% of Jews (conservative and orthodox) have major qualms about interfaith marriage. And even then many date or marry outside the religion. 
-Named a few high-level people in the world who married Jewish people. Trump has five children, and as far as I know one has married a Jewish person and none of his own wives have been Jewish. Biden has four children and one married a Jewish person. Chelsea Clinton is the daughter of Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton and she married a Jewish person. Given the over-representation of Jews in higher socioeconomic circles (which again, doesn't imply rule or dominance), that's not a compelling case for anything.
-Said Jews are sometimes guilty of nepotism which I had already acknowledged in the opening post, while also saying that most people in a given group are guilty of some favoritism or increased tendency to trust and relate to people from similar backgrounds.
-Said Israel was heavily involved in 9/11 and likely the main perpetrator, which I had acknowledged from the beginning (and have also likely had involvement in other events especially recently in Europe)
-Said Jews are over-represented in certain fields, which I acknowledged from the beginning (but said that that doesn't mean they control everything or most things in that field).

Peace Gal A) made points I had already made and implied I disagreed with them (probably never read the first post), then B) made nonsense points I completely disproved. I guess she couldn't fathom that someone might agree with some of her views but not all of them, and doesn't appear to grasp the concept that when you make an argument you have to take the whole picture into account and actually do research to see if your hypothesis bears itself out. Not just throw out a couple names in a set of hundreds or thousands of people and think you've made a convincing argument. Saying 'the president of Yale is Jewish, so Jews control all of academia' when in reality a minority of university presidents and officials are Jewish, roughly 15% of top schools and probably no more than 15% of universities overall. Zionist special interests are what prevent certain topics from being discussed in academia (by putting unwanted attention and pressure on professors who do) but that doesn't mean Jews call all shots in academia.

Too many people currently either say 'There is no issue with certain Jewish/Israeli special interests, if you say there's any problem with Jewish near-monopoly in the media and Hollywood or the Israeli lobby you're anti-Semitic.' or 'Only the Jews are running things and any non-Jews involved are just their puppets.' I think both perspectives are BS and I'm trying to flesh out a middle-ground here based on facts and evidence, not kowtow to the latter viewpoint so I can have groupies on the forum. You've made no points at all, just cheerleading, and Peace Gal apparently isn't interested in any kind of real, rigorous debate.


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#16 [url]

Sep 6 16 6:11 PM

You've made no good contributions to this thread or in any of your other posts. All you've done is kiss Peace Gal's butt, stir the pot, and try to junk-up and derail the thread.

The only evidence for your position (of total domination from the shadows) are sloppy Jordan Maxwell-style presentations on the Old Testament, transcripts from supposed interviews of deceased persons (never corroborated as having taken place by more than their own publishers), and (faked) 'secret texts' e.g. The Protocols. There's no evidence of any organizations, meetings, documents, statements by high-level contemporary figures, no people or any kind of leadership structure have been identified or even vaguely outlined.

On the other hand there are thousands upon thousands of exhibits of evidence pointing to a Satanic/Illuminist society with a large over-representation but still small minority of Jews (let's say in the neighborhood of 10-20%), and a large majority of non-Jew Christians, mostly Protestants. The ridiculous all-Jesuit and slightly less ridiculous all-Jew conspiracies are just a cop-out for non-Catholics and non-Jews to blame outside groups. (Anglo-German-Dutch) Protestants make up most of the power structure and have for the last 500 years, with significant minorities of Jews and Irish Catholics to be found in finance and mega-corporations also, though only in recent decades on a broad scale.

Let's take a thorough look at banking. The Fed has a Jewish head. (However, there doesn't appear to be any significant favoritism in Fed policy for Jewish-run banks, and commercial banks make all the loans to businesses). None of the other biggest central banks (ECB, England, Japan, Canada, Australia, as well as the BIS which is arguably more powerful than the Fed) have Jewish heads. Now let's look at the Fed's Primary Dealers. These are the banks that create money by 'buying' Treasury bonds from the Fed upon their creation and selling them in 'Open Market Operations.' OMO is the single largest medium of money creation and private ownership of public debt. The Primary Dealers list is the easiest way to describe who the most powerful banks in the world are, and they generally also represent the biggest shareholders of the private central banks in their respective countries. Here are the heads of those banks:

Stumpf Wells Fargo (non-Jew), Weber UBS (non-Jew), Masrani TD Bank (non-Jew), Oudea Societe General (non-Jew), Davies RBS (non-Jew), McKay RBC (non-Jew), Nagai Nomura (non-Jew). Gorman Morgan Stanley (non-Jew; Irish name not Jewish), Sato Mizuho (non-Jew), Thain (former) Merrill Lynch (non-Jew), Dimon JP Morgan (non-Jew), Handler Jefferies (Jewish), Flint Gulliver HSBC (non-Jews), Blankfein Goldman Sachs (Jewish), Achleitner Cryan Deutsche Bank (non-Jews),Takashi Daiwa (non-Jew), Rohner Thiam Credit Suisse (non-Jews), O'Neill Citigroup (non-Jew), Lutnick Cantor Fitzgerald (Jewish), McFarlane Staley (non-Jews), Lemierre Bonnafe BNP Paribas (non-Jews), Downe Pritchard BMO (non-Jews), Porter McGuckin Scotiabank (non-Jews). Two heads were included when a chairman and CEO were listed. Three out of 31 highest officers of the 23 Primary Dealer banks are Jewish.

Now let's look at the Top 10 largest US banks (by deposits, accounting for over 95% of deposits in America) in order: Dimon JP Morgan Chase (non-Jew), Moynihan Bank of America (non-Jew), O'Neill Citigroup (non-Jew), Stumpf Wells Fargo (non-Jew), Davis US Bank (non-Jew), Hassell BNY Mellon (non-Jew), Demchak PNC (non-Jew), Fairbank Crawford Capital One (non-Jews), Burke HSBC USA (non-Jew), Masrani TD Bank (non-Jew). For more you can see the Financial Services Roundtable, one of the biggest lobbying organizations for banks, which consists of many of the above names Zero (or possibly one) out of 11 heads of the 10 largest US banks are Jewish. If you measure by assets under management the Top 10 stays almost the same, with Goldman Sachs (Blankfein) at #5 and HSBC #11.

If you look into the background of these people, the only sources that say they're Jewish are general Jew-bashing sites. There are no third party sources, and no explanation or source is ever given. It's pretty much like Flat Earth. Just make up and share your fake stories and statistics and plug your own blogs. Just put 'Ashkenazi Jew,' 'Crypto Jew,' next to the name; rarely if ever are evidence or citations given, and rarely do followers ever verify the information. Then people who fall for the simplistic (or stupid in the case of Flat Earth) premise lose credibility and provide ammunition to be used against them.

The following sectors typically associated with the power structure have been thoroughly established to be under large majority or full control of non-Jew Christians, myths notwithstanding: banking, defense contracting, oil and natural resources, mining, tech, telecom, biotech, pharma, aerospace, academia. Non-Jews also largely control more innocuous industries like retail (e.g. Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.), rail and shipping, real estate, agriculture. Bilderberg and Bohemian Club, which represent these sectors, are mostly non-Jewish. The US Congress, Supreme Court, and Presidency have been overwhelmingly non-Jewish historically and are currently in large majority non-Jewish. Instead of the 'oy vey' clown behavior, how about some counter evidence?

Lobbying groups like AIPAC and SPLC exert great pressure on universities and the media, but there's no evidence they have any kind of executive power over the system as a whole. They are a special interest mafia that can intimidate and get their way, but that doesn't mean they rule the world. It just means they have some power and regularly use it. Intimidation is rarely needed at the higher levels of the power structure because the non-Jews and Jews in it have pretty much the same agenda, aside from minor disagreements on issues in the close vicinity of Israel (2-state solution, settlements, 1967 borders, Gaza, Golan Heights, etc.) I've said it many times already, the large majority of Satanic/Illuminist non-Jews in the power structure want the Middle East tension and intervention, they want the (at least partially) Mossad-staged events, they want Zionism, they want the degradation of culture and dumbing down of society by Hollywood and the media.

Like people who just can't accept that their family member is a killer or child molester, it seems that people just can't accept that people of their own group are profoundly evil and are acting of their own volition and according to what are for the most part their own designs. For the umpteenth time the media is largely under control of Jewish people, most of the highest-level of whom have sinister intentions and immense power over public opinion, but those Jews, and the non-Jews in the rest of the power structure, appear to have allegiance to an over-arching power that completely supersedes religious affiliation and is an allegiance shared with non-Jews in the power structure, which to all indications to me is Satanism/Illuminism.

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Peace Gal

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#17 [url]

Sep 10 16 4:30 PM

I dug up this info. from 2014, so it may be dated now in 2016, but the point still stands.

Who Controls the Ivy League?

Brown University:
Ruth J. Simmons (non-Jew) – President
David I. Kertzer(Jew) – Provost
Thomas J. Tisch(Jew) – Chancellor, Brown Corporation

Columbia University:
Lee C. Bollinger(Jew) – President
Claude M. Steele (unknown)– Provost
William V. Campbell(White European) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Cornell University:
David J. Skorton(Jew) – President
W. Kent Fuchs(Jew) – Provost
Peter C. Meinig(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Dartmouth College:
Jim Yong Kim – President
Carol L. Folt(Jew) – Acting Provost
Stephen F. Mandel Jr.(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Harvard University:
Drew Gilpin Faust(Jew husband: Charles E. Rosenberg) – President
Steven E. Hyman(Jew) – Provost
Robert D. Reischauer(Jew) – Senior Fellow, Harvard Corporation

Princeton University:
Shirley M. Tilghman(Jew husband: Joseph Tilghman) – President
Christopher L. Eisgruber(Jew) – Provost
Stephen A. Oxman(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

University of Pennsylvania:
Amy Gutmann(Jew) – President
Vincent Price(Jew) – Provost
David L. Cohen(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Yale University:
Richard C. Levin(Jew) – President
Peter Salovey(Jew) – Provost
Richard C. Levin(Jew) – Chairman, Yale Corporation

Of the twenty-four(24) senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities, twenty(20) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population. This means that Jews are over-represented among the senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities by a factor of 41.5 times times, or 4,150 percent. This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

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Peace Gal

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#18 [url]

Sep 10 16 4:47 PM

Notice the Jewish author frames the story as a white problem. quote "didn’t seem to trouble longtime Commissioner David Stern, who frequently played the public role of kindly *white* [emphasis mine] father to his mostly black charges." No mention here either that Stern, like Sterling, is Jewish not "white".

There used to be readable comments at the end where many astute commenters pointed out the Jewish ownership in the NBA, and even expanded on Jewish ownership of all the Major League sports, including the commissioners. Alas, those comments are no longer available. Sterling owned the Clippers for *33* years. How cute.

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Peace Gal

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#19 [url]

Sep 10 16 4:58 PM

Jewish Americans are the most powerful and influential ethnic group in America. Jewish Americans make up 2 percent of the U.S. population yet comprise ***40 percent*** of U.S. billionaires.

Over 45% of large gifts made to charity are made by Jewish Americans [zionist causes are structured as "charities"]. Over 50% of Jewish Americans live in just four states: New York, New Jersey, Florida and California.

Jewish Billionaires

Lawrence Ellison

Net Worth:$25.0 billion

Sheldon Adelson

Net Worth:$20.5 billion

Sergey Brin

Net Worth:$18.7 billion

Larry Page

Net Worth:$18.6 billion

Michael Dell

Net Worth $17.2 billion

Steve Ballmer

Net Worth $15.2 billion

Carl Icahn

Net Worth $14.5 billion

Michael Bloomberg

Net Worth:$11.5 billion

George Soros

Net Worth:$9.0 billion

Samuel Newhouse

Net Worth $8.5 billion

source is a globalist website:

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Peace Gal

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#20 [url]

Sep 10 16 5:11 PM

What made Sharon screamed " We, the Jews, control the US government "?
On October 3, 2001, I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and "turn the US against us. "Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."

"The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate."

-- Senator Fullbright, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee: 10/07/1973 on CBS' "Face the Nation".

"I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews..... terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen .... I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"

-----Sec. of State John Foster Dulles quoted on p.99 of Fallen Pillars by Donald Neff

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