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Hillary 'power through' media meme - nice video by Ole Dammegard

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Oct 3 16 10:33 AM

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TPS made an extremely compelling video on this subject a couple years ago comparing virtually identical Iraq War speeches by both the Australian and Canadian prime ministers, and has also made videos showing coordinated media coverage though I can't remember what the topics were at the moment. I also demonstrated this in a recent thread regarding Orlando buzzwords 'resolve' and 'steel' appearing repeatedly in politicians' statements and news stories.

In a recent thread I laid out an analysis of who controls all major aspects of the media and whether or not it could be said to be Jewish-controlled (there was large over-representation in some media sectors but nothing approaching domination overall). Another question was whether the media is a sovereign/supreme power (unlikely) or whether it is an associate/underling/tool of the intelligence and banking complex, which hold the 'real' power of 'guns and gold.' I think videos like this make it clear that it is effectively an underling/internal branch of intel-banking that is getting its talking points from the outside/top.

The most likely candidate to me then for who is doing this would be something similar to Bilderberg/Trilateral/CFR, but either a covert arm of these organizations that operates/governs continuously, or some other secret group (names like Committee of 300 have been tossed around in the past but I haven't seen any good proof of its past or current existence; but something in that vein nonetheless).
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