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Dec 16 16 1:51 PM

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Jan 1 17 10:05 PM

Nice video. Russianvids is right up there with Eric Dubay and David Weiss in terms of shill obviousness, but not sure anyone's officially called him out before.

You pointed this out earlier, but it still is worth tuning into the shills now and again, both to see what the latest disinfo project is and to sift out some truth from the BS. This is an example of that which was shared by Ole Damegaard on his channel. It had me laughing pretty good:


I've been a pallbearer multiple times (for average-weight men) and maybe I'm wrong but I'm 99% sure there's nothing in that box, especially when there's supposedly such a big guy inside.

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Jan 3 17 12:00 PM

I was not sure about RV, to me he seems just a guy who have confused ideas about religions and occult but then he start embrace flat earth (with pk, ditrh and company) it became obvious that he is corrupted.
I commented one of his videos once, mentioning some old testament about the "satan" figure and he answered by mentioning the new testament. So after i explained where he was literally wrong he never answer back.

In conclusion i think that anyone who is really looking deep into things is open to change his mind or at least ready to check what other people arguments are.
Its the same with Dana W and DITRH, they claim to be researchers but they easly fall into bullshit like anyone who comment against them is TPS.

Let's fly over the RV numerology crap he claim, a cauldron of inaccuracies.

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