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A Brief Trip Down the ‘It’s all the Jews’ Psy-op Rabbit Hole

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Jan 31 17 6:42 PM

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The promotion of the belief that 'it’s all the Jews’ is the oldest, biggest and most insidious of all psy-ops. It’s also the overarching psy-op behind the Fed-infested KKK and Neo-Nazi movements. No matter how few people believe it at any one point, it will always be sustained by government agents because it serves a highly useful purpose: A) it makes 'truthers' look racist and get dismissed by people who are not racist and/or don't want to appear racist and B) it provides the largely non-Jewish power structure with an escape hatch in case of a large popular insurrection, one which they've used many times in the past. It's highly insidious because Jews are over-represented in the power structure to the point where one cannot see the non-Jewish forest for the Jewish trees, and because for a number of reasons it has always been tempting to indulge in 'splitting' and scapegoat outsiders.

The Jew scapegoat psy-op has a few things in common with Flat Earth, and psyops in general. One is that its adherents will never defend their position if properly called out in any kind of comprehensive way. The evidence is just ignored, or censored (in the case of fitzinfo for example, in his article saying Pizzagate was a Zionist plot and there was nothing to see there). The most you’ll get is ‘oy vey psmithberg’ ‘how much is Mossad paying you’ or some similar BS.

The other is that its adherents/propagators will cling to core elements of the belief system in the absence of all evidence or in the face of vast amounts of contradictory evidence. For Flat Earthers it’s things like biblical passages about the dome and firmament. For all-the-Jews people it’s fake documents like the Protocols or rumors about the Rothschilds, where they are treating (often unverified) events from 100-200 years ago as if they are still perfectly reliable facts today, with zero evidence to back up their beliefs, while any facts that don’t involve Jews or Rothschilds would be considered ancient history.

What I’m going to deal with here is the epistemology of the psy-op, which is the most important element to understand. Due to a misunderstanding of how the world works in certain respects, anti-Jews often point to ‘connections’ between others and Jews. They treat Jewishness as one big club, when it would be absurd to do the same with any other sect, Catholicism for example. Sure, there might be some nepotism at play, but there’s no secret organization or communication system.

For an example I’ll start with Timothy Fitzpatrick aka fitzinfo’s article on alleged connections between Alex Jones and the wealthy Bronfman family (a very common Jewish last name btw). It turns out that Alex Jones and Holly Bronfman (via Bet Lev Foundation) use the same lawyer from a prominent corporate law firm in Austin Texas. This seems like something, but by itself at least, it’s nothing at all. I have worked with lawyers and accountants who have at certain points worked with (or their firm worked with) powerful individuals. That there is somehow a ‘connection’ to me because of this is laughable. Larger law firms often act as the registered agent for thousands of companies. Wilmington Delaware is the home to millions of companies, many registered at a handful of addresses (including one with over 200,000 businesses): Hiring a registered agent or having corporate formation documents filed is not indicative of some deep relationship with the practice or a relationship to other clients. Having an agent is a requirement to do business in any state and just means they receive official mail for the company, or did a one-off filing. Even the priciest ‘Bronfman lawyers’ charge reasonable fees for these services since they usually involve cookie-cutter template documents and take 10-20 minutes to file. Small, solo-practice attorneys might have hundreds of businesses registered with them (registered agency and entity formation being their bread and butter). As for the commonality of Austin TX? Infowars has always been located in Austin. Texas has become a highly popular destination for corporations for tax and regulatory reasons. Austin is the capital, and it's common to register in state capitals because it's the location of all the major state agencies and the site where formation documents are filed, and having an agent there makes it easier to handle official business, especially with red tape-laden entities like non-profit foundations. Certain people misread all this and now say ‘Alex Jones is a Bronfman-family agent.’ It’s an idiotic conclusion by people who know nothing about law practices or business. Could it be true? Sure. But so could anything else. The so-called connection alleged to substantiate the claim is not evidence.

Again, I have 100% conviction that Jones is cointel, but this aspect in particular is a ‘nothingburger.’ And this is exactly the kind of BS masquerading everywhere as investigative journalism that these ‘all-the-Jews’ theories are constructed of. (I want to be clear, TPS started this forum and I'm not referring to any of his many 'connection' videos (re: Thon, etc.) that were legit.)That and refusing to recognize the commonness of last names, being unable to understand that Jews are not part of some secret network, and flat-out false labeling of people as Jewish, as well as the most common tactic, cherry-picking individuals or companies (including mixing and matching different time periods; e.g. misrepresenting a past CEO as a current CEO) and ignoring the larger ‘set’ of equally relevant individuals or companies that consists of majority non-Jews (e.g. pointing out two banks that are part of a group of 50 similar sized banks, or two corporate officers that are part of a group of 20 comparably powerful officers, never forgetting to put the Star of David on their picture).

The other thing people don’t get is that having a lot of companies means nothing. Many entrepreneurs who are not ultra-wealthy could have dozens of companies registered to them. For example, landlords commonly create an entity for each property they own to isolate their liabilities, so that if there’s an incident at a property, the plaintiff can only sue that entity (and the single asset it owns) and not the landlord’s whole network of properties. Then people might say ‘he’s the CEO of 12 companies! He must be loaded!’ Actually no. All it means is that he spent about $1000-2000 total in filing fees over a period of years, assuming he did self-filing. Many or most of them might have zero income or activity in a given year. Wealthy people often form 'shelf companies' that sit idle for years, until they need them to register property (boat, house, etc.) or perform some other function. Alex Jones is a millionaire who has apparently earned money through his own businesses (even while he is clearly part of the establishment and aided by it in a variety of ways, mostly in the form of attention, favorable search ranking, and other publicity). That he has formed a number of entities over the years would certainly be nothing suspicious. And if he used a lawyer for one filing he’d probably continue to use the same lawyer for the others out of convenience.

So the article is all fluff, blabbering on about the Bronfman family history (as one might blab about the Carnegies, Astors, etc.), giving us totally irrelevant information, then drawing the meaningless ‘connection’ to Jones because they use the same major law firm. But uninformed people reading will say oooo that’s interesting.


I’m sorry to say this, but the reason a lot of prominent truthers get hammered by Zionist groups is because I believe these people really don’t care for Jewish people, and that’s why Jews like to see them lose their jobs and otherwise get screwed, and don’t stand up for them or back their causes as they constantly implore Jews to do. In most cases the people in question are from areas with few to no Jewish people (many areas of the country have well under 1%, while other areas have 10% or more).

Sure, there are sinister figures in these groups (ADL, AIPAC, etc.) who target truthers ostensibly on the basis of being anti-Semitic/anti-Jewish (both when they are and when they are not), but the average Jewish person involved in groups like B’nai Brith (which is a huge organization), like the rest of America has no clue about any of this and just believes Jews are banding together against individuals who are opposed to the existence of their fellow people/religionists. And in many cases they’re right.

I can only draw parallels to gypsies in a historical sense. Gypsies used to be ‘upstanding citizens' who engaged (and excelled) in honest trades like coppersmithing, horsebreeding, saddle-making and leatherwork and a number of others (today they still mostly engage in honest trades like paving, roofing, landscaping, RV sales, etc.). They were hated for their different way of thinking and different way of life. They were constantly scapegoated by rulers and expelled to the delight of the masses. Eventually sedentary non-gypsy Europeans banned them outright and broke up their communities and way of life, and their sedentary Taylorist societies eventually made gypsy livelihoods obsolete. Over the centuries there developed an ethos that it is OK, even desirable, to screw non-gypsies, and it still exists to a significant degree today. I laud gypsies for screwing the ignorant among the non-gypsies, and I enjoy seeing them take advantage of and steal from black & white-thinking simpletons who hate them, look down on them, and want them gone.

Since Jews have had no problem adapting to modern economy (as their history of livelihoods only made them much more successful than average, not economically obsolete) and generally been accepted by the rest of society, they never faced the need to screw outsiders that gypsies face, and 99% (100% in my personal experience) of the hundreds of thousands of Jews in my area work normal jobs and are otherwise upstanding citizens with no connection to the power structure. I know for a fact the vast, vast majority of Jews do not think in the ‘screw Gentiles’ way, but some fraction probably still do, and there may be traces of it in many other Jews while it’s not a major part of their psyche. The point is that with respect to the gypsies or Jews or any other group, the feeling of separateness and the vicious cycle it engenders has nothing to do with the Rothschilds or the Bible or anything else. It comes down to identifiable historical realities.

I’m telling you right now, anyone who is ‘Jew-hunting’ and scrutinizing Jews for the futile purpose of proving an over-arching, dominant Zionist conspiracy that does not exist, you yourself are the primary reason there is an over-representation of Jews in the power structure (in a future thread I’m going to get into the other reasons why there is one, none of which involve the Bible), and why radical Zionism remains a problem as much as it is. When you single out Jews, Jews are going to single you out. When you say they’re different, they’re going to believe you’re different. They're going to feel the need to band together and help each other at all costs. That people can’t understand this causal relationship is beyond me. And let’s be real, people who are calling out Jews as a general rule don’t like Jewish people and believe them to be inferior or undesirable. I’m not referring to TPS or anyone posting here since I have no good reason to believe they hate Jews, but as a general rule it’s true.


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Feb 16 17 10:43 PM

I never said "It's all the Jews", I have said Mossad/Israeli interests and people with allegiance to that country were fundamental in the false flag attack which was 9/11, and quite a few others. Doesn't make all Jewish people, and all people who live in Israel responsible! You surely understand that! I feel a hostage to my own countries goverment policies regarding most everything, and I don't feel responsible for the action of my nation's leader. Same goes for Israel.

The thing is, it was a Mossad connected Kabal of people who happened to be from the elite power structure who self-identify as "Zionist" who staged a coup in the USA, which is what I have been attempting to expose in the most civil and straight forward of manners.

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