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Another BS article on Fitzpatrick Informer dissected

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Feb 16 17 6:22 AM

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Fitzinfo aka ‘Timothy Fitzpatrick’ (which sounds just as fake as Alex Jones) is apparently one of the leading blogs in the ‘it’s-all-the-Jews’ psy-op. In a recent thread I took apart his baseless allegation that Alex Jones is an agent of the Bronfman family. I tried to comment on Fitzinfo’s article on that but he censors comments (which had no foul language or personal attacks) or leaves them perpetually ‘awaiting moderation’ (while others are approved), textbook shill behavior.

In his most recent article, which appears to be inspired by TPS’s video (or vice versa), he continues weaving more falsehoods. First, he plugs confirmed shill Pete Santilli. Then he continues with this:

“The unit is surrounded by technology, technical, and finance companies, some or all of which may well be CIA front companies, as Jones’ operation is connected to the CIA itself (they like to keep their front companies together so they can protect each other).”

Unsurprisingly, no sources are given. ‘They may well be CIA fronts.’ Based on what evidence?

After that he notes that the Texas Attorney General’s office and State Disability Office are somewhat near Jones’s facility, about a third of a mile away (recall that this is in the TX state capital). Ok and?

Then he moves onto more lies:

“Some of the names of the other complex occupants include U.S. government-linked and Israeli companies like: Negevtech Ltd.; Nano-Master; Universal Leasing and Trading, LP; Pinnacle Peak Holding Corp.; Metaphor Technology Farm; Open Roads Consulting, Inc.; Secular Growth Investments, LLC; and Ixrf Systems, Inc.”

So, one business in the same industrial park (one of many parks in a large industrial and commercial district of Austin) as Infowars has the name of an Israeli region (Negev) in its name (which is clearly why he led with that name). There are no apparent connections to Israel other than that. Of course there are no sources for any of the other companies that show a US government or Israeli link. Did he just think the other names sounded eerie?

[note: Nano-master has one 'space simulation' product but it has nothing to do with NASA fakery, all it is is a small chamber (looks like size of a grill) that subjects objects to the atmospheric and temperature conditions of space, e.g. to test semiconductors and other electronic components for satellites to ensure they can withstand those conditions. They are not a space company, they're a semi-conductor company. These kinds of niche technical companies (IT, high-tech machinery) are exactly the kinds of companies you will find in your local industrial parks.]

Then he returns to Bronfman BS which I already debunked, and adds some irrelevant tales about the family (that they used trusts, like every wealthy family). Article over.

This is exactly the kind of stuff all-the-Jews theory is constructed of. They’ll just put asterisks next to a bunch of names and say they’re all Jews or ‘crypto-Jews.’ No evidence or sources. Then they put a list of companies and say ‘Israeli connected’ or ‘likely Mossad front.’ Never any evidence. No one will ever check because thinking it's all the Jews is at the core of their worldview and they don't want to challenge that.

Alex Jones is undoubtedly cointel, but when someone puts out an article like this, they are disinfo, period. His dishonest intentions are screaming off the page, with virtually every point made being either completely made-up or irrelevant filler. It's just masquerading as investigative journalism and people who don't read carefully are fooled by it.

TPS, can't see how you're wooed by this garbage.

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Feb 16 17 10:39 PM

I have noticed a lot of similarities between the fitzpatrick informer and the blogs it links to.. very close things.. Doesn't make the Israel did a Coup thing any less relevant, in fact just a higher-level honey pot indicating one is in the right direction if anything.

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Feb 18 17 7:48 AM

Just found more disinfo: TheZOG (one of the leading all-the-Jews sites full of cherry-picked evidence and false 'Jew' and 'crypto-Jew' labels) states in comments that Negevtech is an 'Israeli military contractor.' Completely false; they make semiconductors. No evidence of a link to defense contracting. Of course Fitzpatrick doesn't correct it. Soon you will see 'Alex Jones shares facility with major Israeli military contractor' on other blogs or videos. This is how the disinfo web of this psy-op is weaved. Multiple hearsay secondary sources that have no basis in a primary source and were made-up from the beginning. So many of its alleged facts link back to nothing but all-the-Jews disinfo sites. (BTW, Negevtech appears to have closed in 2008, before Infowars even set up at that location, and it's just an old Google Maps tag).

Austin-founded Vindicator Technologies is a security systems company acquired by Honeywell, which is a massive multi-national company company with 130,000 employees "that produces a variety of commercial and consumer products, engineering services and aerospace systems for a wide variety of customers, from private consumers to major corporations and governments. The company operates three business units, known as Strategic Business Units – Honeywell Aerospace, Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions, and Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies." They are by no means are limited to defense applications. There is no evidence whatsoever that Vindicator is involved in brain wave. It's a huge stretch TPS to say that since Honeywell is involved with that somewhere in their global empire, that's the project that's going on in a small, unrelated Vindicator subsidiary in Austin. These kinds of companies acquire dozens of other major companies ( which continue to operate as they did before (developing security systems), it's not one big 'slush operation' where they're making satellites, home thermostat units, and whatever else under one roof.

Brain-wave (developed 2007, before Infowars was at that location) is a neural-sensing technology, not a neural-manipulating technology, meaning it reads signals from the brain (for bionic control, control of vehicles) to allow the mind to control things, not the things to control the mind. It doesn't appear to exert any effect on the mind. But now a disinfo operator masquerading as investigative journalist will read that comment and get an idea: 'Alex Jones shares facility with global headquarters of Honeywell mind control technology closely linked to Israel' complete with images of company logos and photos of CEOs).

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