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The entire secret alien and UFO program is a hoax to build the background for a fake ET encounter

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Mar 25 16 9:16 AM

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(this is part of another posting from somewhere else. I think it needs to be brought into the conversation now that Bill Clinton, Obama, and Hillary, among others, are all stoking interest in secret evidence of aliens. The subject of a fake alien invasion was also brought up in the recent oft-cited X-Files episode, which could be a case of predictive programming/revelation of the method)

The real purpose behind the uptick in 'hoax' events is not gun control or more security theater, but a way to gradually dumb people down and dull their critical analysis, in preparation for the planned mega-lie: the fake alien invasion.

One has to ask, why would almost all these sightings and all supposed collection of alien equipment occur only since the 1940s, just as the globalist movement began to gain steam in the wake of World War II? Why is there no physical evidence of contact whatsoever for the centuries and millennia of recorded history before that? And why does only the US, constituting 6% of world land area, have and been able to hold these secrets, and also account for a near majority of sightings?

The answer to all these questions is because none of the sightings were real. Almost half (48%) of all UFO sightings have occurred in the US. 61% of UFO sightings have occurred in Five Eyes partnership nations (US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand) and a further 6% in core NATO countries (Spain, France). Only one UFO (16th century) has ever been sighted over a landlocked country. This would only make sense if the UFOs were of terrestrial origin and wanted to avoid entering foreign airspace. Over the last 400 years, 82% of UFO sightings have been in the US and its close allies (Five Eyes + France and Spain), plus South Africa and Brazil, a combined 4% of countries, the latter two of which are relatively easily accessible from US airspace without crossing into other foreign airspace. 87% of sightings have taken place in just 12 countries (the above, plus Mexico, India, and Iran), or 6% of the world’s nations. Only 7% of UFO sightings have taken place in Asia, Africa, South America, and [non-Australia and New Zealand] Oceania (places that lack support and leadership for world government) even though these areas constitute 73% of inhabited land area. Sure, some of this discrepancy may be due to lack of English language reference material produced in these countries, but not all of it.

The probability in a 14-billion year old universe of a 281-fold spike in real alien contact precisely coinciding, down to the year, with the formation of the first global governing body, and with the professed and real need for alien contact to justify world government, is zero, let alone a hugely disproportional number (8x more than average, weighted for land area) of those visits happening in one country (the US), the country that is the place of residence of many to most of the major proponents of world government. Not to mention that it was Laurance Rockefeller who spearheaded the ‘Disclosure [of UFO technology] Project’ in the 1990s. The group submitted a 991-page Freedom of Information Act Request for supposed UFO files and helped revive public interest in alien secrets.

From the 1940s to present, there have been at least 145 reported UFO sightings, while from 204 BC (the first UFO sighting) to 1944 there were only 16 reported sightings, and zero claims of potentially recovered technology from crashed aircraft. The average number of UFO sightings per year since the founding of the United Nations has risen by 28,100% (281x) compared to prior years back to the first sighting. If you measure back to the beginning of recorded history (roughly 8,000BC), the number of sightings per year has jumped 168,700% (1,687x). Not a single government or individual prior to the formation of the UN possessed or even claimed to possess the slightest scrap of alien technology or specimens, yet we are to believe that over the last few decades our current government has managed to collect complete aircraft, bodies, and a mountain of other items. No, the truth is that the bulk of the increase consists of the mere witnessing of unusual-looking, experimental government aircraft by people who then reported an alien UFO, with the rest likely being hoaxes perpetrated by both the establishment and copycat private citizens. The reason most of the sightings occurred in the US and its closest allies is because it was riskier to conduct the test flights in foreign airspace.

In addition to presenting government-created aircraft as alien UFOs, a fake ET encounter might cast classified weapons technology, such as a directed energy weapon, as alien technology and turn it against mankind. This may have already happened as a real-world test on 9/11. The physical evidence around the demolition of the buildings is consistent with the theory that the Twin Towers were destroyed with mini- or micro-nuclear devices, though it remains possible that directed energy weapons were used alone or in conjunction with nukes. DEWs are real weapons that are publicly known to have been produced in small scale only, though they could theoretically exist in large scale.

In what is now an almost annual ritual, presidents (or candidates) have gone on Jimmy Kimmel and been asked about secret alien technology. First it was Bill Clinton about 5 years ago, then Obama, now Hillary, who recently called for opening up the alleged Area 51 files. Here is a link to the Clinton interview:  w atch?v=QvcDNrKOlOM

In the interview, Clinton says:

‘If we were visited some day I wouldn’t be surprised. I just hope it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. May be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours. Think of how all the differences of the people on earth would seem small if we were threatened by a space invader.’  ‘The dimensions of physics are such that I would be quite surprised if in the lifetime of people no older than 30 here we don’t discover some form of life in another universe. So I think there are lots of biological, on earth, and other discoveries in the heavens that those of you who are younger will get to see unfold, you’ll have all kind of problems with them but on balance it will be a plus. And it’ll make life much more interesting.’ Why would Bill Clinton be sure that we will have an alien visit in the next 50 or so years, since there haven’t been any in the last 8,000 years of recorded history? And why would he confidently say we’ll have ‘all kinds of problems with them’? Nonsense references to the ‘dimensions of physics’ don’t provide an answer. Sounds like a case of either loose lips or predictive programming.

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#1 [url]

Mar 27 16 10:29 PM

Again, this is an interesting topic.

I did make a video quite a while ago regarding a fake alien invasion in the works.. Will have to dig around and see if i re-uploaded it after my account was taken down last time.

I am not so sure a mini-nuke was used at the WTC.. Doesn't seem likely to me, I mean, wouldn't there be some residual radioactivity around the sight?

I have looked into Judy Woods stuff, and some of it is compelling, some of it is suspect though, (maybe she's a gatekeeper of sorts, maybe not) including the "dustification" of the beam as the building falls.. I have seen a clearer version of that where it appears to just fall down.. So I'm not totally sold on it. I do find the engine blocks missing from some vehicles and door handles etc. very compelling, and the paper everywhere is interesting as well. Not sure really. It is one of those details regarding 9/11 which can really turn divisive quickly, which scares me about that topic. I think No planes is more important to expose, simply because it's proof of media involvement, whereas the exact method used to take the towers down is a detail which is ultimately important, but maybe not as important to expose as no planes.

I definitely feel that Judy Woods friend Hutchison seems sketchy to me..

Agree, that UFOs are just government flying craft. Haven't seen one shred of evidence that aliens exist. Think we would have something by now if that were the case.

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#2 [url]

Mar 27 16 10:33 PM

This is from Wikipedia regarding EMPs in popular culture recently:

Another Fox show, 24, has had EMP weapons featured or mentioned in numerous episodes.

In episode number 6 of the 2006 CBS series, Jericho, a missile launched by unknown agents from within the United States causes a high-altitude nuclear electromagnetic pulse. The episode was titled 9:02 after the time at which all electric clocks stopped running.

The 2007 web series, Afterworld, the plot revolves around a regular EMP pulse that disables all AC electronics, although battery powered electronic devices still work.

In Series 9 Episode 1 of the BBC television spy drama Spooks, an EMP device hidden beneath the Houses of Parliament in London is used to disable two explosive-laden submersibles racing down the River Thames. In Series 6 Episode 1 a device described by character Adam Carter as an "EMP, HMP maybe" (25:26) is used to ambush a convoy transporting a prisoner.

In the re-imagined miniseries of Battlestar Galactica a non-nuclear EMP device is used to fake the destruction of the passenger-liner Colonial One by both disabling the incoming missiles and producing an illusion of a nuclear explosion. It is hinted that such devices are standard-issue for Colonial Fleet capital ships, which is unsurprising, given the robotic nature of their Cylon enemies. Unrealistically, everyone on board the liner is knocked out by the pulse.

Falling Skies is a DreamWorks Television series that premiered on Turner Network Television on 19 June 2011. The series was created by Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg. In the science fiction series, alien invaders arrive and begin silently orbiting the Earth and hovering over major cities, refusing to respond to all attempts at communication. After the invading ships are in place, the aliens suddenly release a large electromagnetic pulse from their orbiting ships, which incapacitates all of the electrical and electronic technology of the advanced countries on the Earth, leaving the inhabitants of the Earth at the mercy of the invaders.

In the Stargate SG-1 universe, several instances of EMP were used in both the original series and the spinoff Stargate Atlantis. For example, in the original series episode Urgo, it is used in an attempt to neutralize an alien artificial intelligence. In another SG-1 episode, an EMP generator is used, unsuccessfully, in an attempt to destroy an ancient superweapon. In the episode "A Matter of Time" a directed beam EMP unit was used to close a connection between the SG-1 stargate and one on a planet being pulled into a black hole. In the Stargate Atlantis series, a nuclear EMP was used to destroy an artificial nano-machine virus infecting the city.

In the 2008 series Knight Rider the co-hero, a Ford Shelby GT500KR named KITT which is capable of driving itself, talking and firing all sorts of offensive and defensive weapons; has a small EMP device on board. The car is most often seen deploying this weapon to disable vehicles it and the shows hero, Michael Knight are pursuing. When the EMP is discharged, it is visualized by a distorted blue wave that expands outward from the hero car in a circle. The effect is a total electrical shutdown of the target vehicle, which is depicted by the car radio shutting off if in use, the gauge clusters all falling to zero, and the vehicle occupants cellphones also becomes inoperable. The target vehicle then (usually) coasts to a stop. In one episode, a continuity error shows up in the fact that after their vehicle has been EMP bombed by KITT, a two way walkie talkie held by one of the goons still appears to work. KITT is not affected in any way by his own EMP weapon.

In ABC's Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Season 1 Episode 21 "Ragtag," Agent Fitz uses an EMP to short out John Garret's circuit, therefore almost killing him.

In the 2010 anime series High School of the Dead episode 12, in the confusion of a zombie apocalypse, Russia detonates a nuclear warhead over Japan causing an EMP.

The 2014 anime series Terror in Resonance features a nuclear EMP that is detonated from high altitude that knocks out all of Japan's electronics for a year.



In 1995's GoldenEye, the main plot involves Russia developing a satellite called GoldenEye which is then stolen by the Janus crime syndicate and used against the satellite's original tracking station. Because of the EMP blast, 3 MiGs (which were called in to check a distress signal sent by one of the tracking station's workers) suffer severe damage to their electronic systems. One of them crashes into the station, severely damaging it, and igniting major fires inside. This also disabled British satellites surveillance of the tracking station.

In the 1999 movie The Matrix, one of the surviving humans' few effective weapons against the machines are non-nuclear EMP generators mounted on their hovercraft. In the process, the hovercraft's electronics are also temporarily disabled, as is any advanced machinery around, making it a hazardous last-resort weapon. The EMP is shown disabling machine sentinels near the end of the movie. In the 2003 second sequel Matrix Revolutions, an EMP is discharged in the dock of the only remaining human city, Zion, disabling many machine sentinels, but also the entire defense system of the city.

In Small Soldiers, it is revealed that the military chips in the Commandos are vulnerable to EMP. The humans exploit this weakness by overloading a powerline and unleashing an EMP to fry the Commandos.

In Broken Arrow (1996), the EMP generated by the blast of a nuclear munition deep in an abandoned copper mine knocks out an USAF helicopter which was sent to detect the missing weapons. John Travolta's character in the film accurately predicted the EMP and stopped the jeep in which he was travelling.

In John Carpenter's 1996 film Escape from L.A., Snake Plissken is sent to recover the remote control for an EMP weapon that can be targeted to shut down electrical systems in specific areas. He eventually triggers the weapon to knock out all power around the world.

In the 2001 version of Ocean's Eleven, an explosively pumped flux compression generator (non-nuclear EMP device) in a van is used to shut down the electrical power to Las Vegas. It is not explained how such a small non-nuclear device can shut down the power to an entire large city. It is also not explained how the power could be predictably brought back on line in only 30 seconds after such a disastrous event which should have permanently destroyed all electronics in the area.

In the 2003 film Battle Royale II: Requiem, an EMP was used to deactivate the collars on the students.

In the 2005 film Superman Returns, the use of stolen Kryptonian technology by Lex Luthor causes massive EMP pulses of short duration that cause havoc with the test flight of a shuttle and also damage Metropolis later on in the film.

In Cars 2, the EMP causes the cars with alternative fuel called "Allinol" to explode when affected by the pulse.

In the film The Dark Knight Rises, Batman has a device similar to an EMP weapon. During the motorcycle chase, Batman uses it to disable one of the motorcycles Bane's henchman is riding.

The 2012 remake of Red Dawn concerns a North Korean invasion of the United States, enabled by an EMP weapon which disables much of the defensive infrastructure of the US.

In the 2013 film Pacific Rim, the kaiju Leatherback fires an EMP that disables the Jaeger Striker Eureka and the Hong Kong Shatterdome's electrical systems.

In the 2014 film Godzilla, the MUTOs have the ability to generate and release EMPs through striking the ground with their forelimbs.

And.. Apparently the 5th wave, and also Batman vs. Superman from this year

If there is a fake alien invasion, you can bet your bottom dollar it will be in concert with a coordinated multiple EMT release.

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#3 [url]

Mar 28 16 12:58 AM

Just to sidetrack for a second, here is the evidence of a mini-nuke, including of residual radioactivity (e.g. 55x tritium levels, among other rare metals, and higher cancer rates than Hiroshima, and not just lung cancer). Evidence of directed energy is below. Since we don't know of any DEW remotely large enough to take down the WTC, and because we don't know the effects of them (i.e. whether they can cause extreme heat, EMP, radioactive isotope formation, and cancer), I think mini-nukes have to be the working thesis. Also, it has to be considered that the prime suspects would have had access to suitcase nukes and not necessarily to a DEW. See below for evidence of directed energy.

(again, copied from another posts; the 1s, 2s. etc are links to sources)

1) Extreme heat that kept steel in a molten state for weeks after the event, a phenomenon documented by more than 35 eyewitness accounts, which were corroborated by three independent dust studies. The intense heat also melted and bore out huge craters in the thick Manhattan Island bedrock that served as a sub-foundation of the towers. (1), (2)
2) Dust samples that show not just melting of steel but vaporization of steel and lead and melting of molybdenum, among other metals, demonstrating that temperatures of well over 5,000 degrees F were reached, higher than the maximum temperature of a thermitic reaction. (1)
3) Complete pulverization (turning into dust) of the building. Debris piles in controlled demolitions, made to be as low and compact as possible, are universally around 12.5% of original building height, but the twin towers were <2%, in many areas of the building’s footprint virtually 0%: the buildings simply disappeared. In a ‘pancake’ collapse that did not use explosives to break down material and disperse dust, the rubble pile should have been even higher than 12%. Firefighters reported finding few pieces of debris larger than a deck of cards: no furniture, no sinks or toilets, no large equipment. Similar pulverization and dispersal of debris was observed at Hiroshima. (1), (2) (3) In the clearest example of ‘dustification,’ a 60-storey section of steel box columns, still standing after collapse of the rest of the North Tower, instantaneously transforms to dust and blows away.
4) Ejection of debris more than 600 feet from the building at a 45-degree (upward) angle, including of large steel beam assemblies, impossible with conventional demolition explosives or in a collapse, and suggesting use of upward-facing shaped mini-nuke charges (see below) whose detonation was shrouded by the dust cloud. Non-dust debris was projected far from the towers. More than 700 bone fragments, many of them of firefighters and other non-plane-passenger victims who died in the North Tower (WTC 1), were found on the roof of the Deutsche Bank building, a 40-storey tower over 600 feet away from WTC 1.
5) Huge incidence of cancer among first responders, and not only lung cancer caused from dust and asbestos, but also thyroid cancer as well as leukemia and myeloma, which are often caused by radiation exposure. So far there are over 2,500 and counting cancer cases attributed to 9/11, while in comparison there were only 1,900 cases thought to be related to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. (1), (2), (3), (4)
6) Off-the-charts proportions (over 50x normal) of rare elements and isotopes, such as tritium, barium, strontium, lanthanum, and yttrium, characteristic of a nuclear reaction, found in dust and water samples nearby. (1), (2), (3)
7) Testimony by building staff of skin hanging off bodies in sheets from the extreme heat, which was observed at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. (1), (2) (3)
8) Parking lots full of burned out, blackened, rusted cars in the vicinity, consistent with nuclear events and impossible with regular explosives or collapse. (1) (2), (3)
9) There is evidence of electromagnetic pulse (EMP), which occurs in nuclear detonations, in the vicinity of the towers at the time of collapse, including stopped clocks and watches and widespread cell phone and computer outages.
10) The code name for the FBI’s investigation of 9/11 is PENTTBOM, meaning Pentagon and Twin Towers Bombing. Not plane crash, a bombing, like the UNABOM case. No explanation on why they chose this name for a supposed non-bombing has been offered. (1)

That more were needed, ground zero has always been the term for a nuclear weapon point of detonation, including at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The term was coined for 9/11 by establishment news anchors. (1), (2)

Counter-evidence in favor of DEW:

1) Lack of seismic activity during and after collapse (though if there were no basement nukes and the building was blown apart above ground with micro-nukes, there may not have been a record)
2) Extent of dustification, melting of engines, unburned papers, etc
3) Lack of visible or audible explosions during the collapse (although I think if the charges were placed at the core they could have been shrouded by the massive dust cloud, and I think the sound tracks of the few available videos could have been manipulated). As far as I'm aware there were also more witnesses who reported massive explosions than those Wood points to who reported a relatively silent collapse.)

Check out these videos of an explosion of a 1 KT suitcase nuke:

ht tp://w ww.m

w atch?v=tGneEvO0o4Q

I think it's comparable to what we saw, but larger. It could have been a couple of 0.5 KT or even 0.1 KT or even smaller size bombs.

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#4 [url]

Mar 28 16 1:07 AM

Some more points that explain why nukes might be used instead of conventional explosives:

1) Fewer people involved in placement, as few as one
2) Can be done on little notice or hidden long in advance
3) Can be achieved with easy placement of a handful of devices near the buildings’ center columns, compared to the mammoth, weeks-to-months-long task of placing explosives and wiring throughout every floor of both buildings
4) Equipment is small and very easy to smuggle into building
5) Leaves no evidence behind, unlike conventional demolition with thousands of yards of demo cable and hundreds of explosive charges
6) Pulverization of material prevents an accident such as building tipping over, which would blow the pre-planned ‘pancake’ storyline and risk unintended collateral damage.
7) On-site participants can be anyone and need little to no demolition technical know-how, and if the devices are concealed inside other objects, may have no idea they are even involved in the plot.
8) The shock and awe of witnessing a nuclear detonation and then associating it with an ordinary thing (airplane) greatly increases the psychological impact of the event, overwhelming cognition and facilitating even greater suspension of disbelief in future staged events.

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#5 [url]

Mar 28 16 1:16 AM

Back to your main point, I completely agree with you that no planes is far more important than determining the exact method of demolition, since no planes is provable and shows how the media is directly complicit and often the primary player in carrying out these kinds of events. I believe it is Wood who uses what I consider to be a disinfo tactic of saying 'If we don't know exactly how the buildings were demolished, the whole investigation is useless' which is 100% BS.

I lean slightly towards mini-nukes but am open to DEWs, especially in light of a possible link to secret weapons technology that might be later cast as alien tech. Haven't read Wood's book yet either so haven't seen all the evidence for it. Morgan Reynolds, who I think makes a lot of great points on no planes and who I don't really disagree with on any other aspects of the event, believes it was DEWs. Also the book '9/11: Enemies Foreign and Domestic' which is by far the best single attempt at explaining 9/11 I have seen, posits DEWs and presents most of Wood's main points. So it isn't just Wood sticking to the claim.

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#6 [url]

Apr 9 16 9:46 AM

if the aluminium cladding and steel core were connected like a battery it may be possible to start a thermite burn at the top of the building and for it to keep going like a thermic lance.maybe i will try to create a model using the correct number of moles of metal to balance the chemical equation.there would still be explosives to create the symmetrical collapse.
an EMP attack might be faked. cars in uk(europe?) have had immobilisers since 1994. i dont think it is for our security

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#9 [url]

Jul 3 16 5:28 PM

The Stargate Conspiracy. A conspiracy classic, must read.

"Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince reveal the secret agenda that unites apparently independent authors and researchers - including top names with millions of readers worldwide - and which is targeted to all of us. The Stargate Conspiracy reveals that even the genuine mysteries of the gods themselves have been hijacked by powerful cabals - which include top industrialists, politicians, scientists and intelligence agencies such as MI5 and the CIA - in order to fulfill their secret agenda.

At the heart of this conspiracy is the belief that the ancient Egyptian gods were - and are - extra terrestrial beings, that certain key people are in contact with them, and that they are about to return through the ‘stargate’ between our world and theirs. "

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#10 [url]

Oct 27 16 7:50 AM

There is a fair share of evidence that "UFOs" (aka Flying Saucers) were invented by German Nazis, possibly perfecting even older inventions by Nikola Tesla.

At the end of WWII allied bomber crews reported seeing fast-moving round glowing objects following their aircraft. They nicknamed them Foo-Fighters (like the Band) or "Kraut fireballs".

These predecessors of the UFOs were small and remote controlled but used a similar engine like the later Nazi UFOs. After the war the technology was transferred to the Allies/USA via Operation Paperclip.

And the "official" esoteric story about the Nazi-UFOs goes something like this:

There was a secret society named "Vril Society" where the members have been a bunch of women with very long hair who channeled messages from Aldebaran. In this channeled messages from Aldebaran were also included blueprints for constructing a spaceship with a revolutionary propulsion system. So this VRIL-Society built the spaceship and thus the Nazi-UFO was born. The story then continues to assert that when Germany lost the war a lot of this VRIL-Guys (and Girls) left Earth to Aldebaran to live happily ever after with their fellow space-nazis...

So while this Aldebaran Bullshit is of course completely fabricated, it reads like the esoteric cover story for the Nazis having invented the UFO. (Of course its not an UFO anymore if you know what it is, I think the Nazis called them "Flugscheiben", which translates to "Flying Discs".

There are some interesting videos on the topic featuring Joseph P. Farrell on youtube, like this one:

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