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Aug 10 16 2:38 PM

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New to this forum. I found it....well crap I don't even know how I stumbled across this forum. I think I was looking for an answer and here I am. 

About a year ago I started to really wake up and see what was going on around us. I've gone through some posts and I'm even more confused than before. I really thought people like Eric Dubay was legit but apparently he's not? I can see so any different sides to this cube and every single side has a story or some type of "logic" to it. When I say "logic" I mean that specific person's opinion which they claim as "logical". 

The past 6 months though I was gingerly looking through articles etc., but  as soon as the presidential campaign started I went super ham. Information overload. Looking for answers, opinions, anything really. From NASA being satanic shills, illuminati, Rothchilds, JFK, 911, Skull & Bones, UN, banking, David Icke, Eric Dubay, FE sites, Antarctica, Orgone/Orgonite (Dr. Wilhem Reich), Tesla, FEMA, MKUltra, how deep freemasonry goes in the entire world, thousands of videos. Constantly barraging me to the point that I don't even know who the hell or what the hell is going on.

So many scenarios go through my head I don't know when to turn it off. I also can't seem to talk to anyone about this without looking like a complete psycho. 

I've come here to try to get some clarification. I'm very interested in the nuclear weaponry part. I haven't heard this before. 

Alright so shills. I've read the lists and what I'd like to know is if the following is untrue what is left? 
List of BS:
  • Reptilians, Greys, Pleiadians
  • Flat Earth
  • Organized Religion (Also supports FE & Firmament)
  • Heliotropism
  • Modern Day Science (IE: Universe, Planets)
  • Nuclear Weaponry (This is new for me but im listing it since I saw it on the forum)

What do you believe then? Do you believe we are a "realm" of conciousness? I've been really looking through Tesla and his works. 
He seemed to believe it was a realm and not an "object". At this point where Im at is that we are in a realm and in a state of conciousness. 
Dimensions we live in IE: 3rd is actually a physical "dimension". The Fourth is emotions and the Fifth is personal transcendence and the Sixth is a collective conciouness of mankind awakening to where we no longer "need" this experience in order to learn. Almost like the movie "Her". 

Id love to hear eveyrone's opinions. Might shed some light on the madness I am experiencing at an alarming rate. 

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