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Dispelling the myth of Jewish/Zionist control of the banking sector

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Sep 6 16 6:46 PM

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Part of the following has been copied and pasted from the 'role of radical Zionists' thread since I thought it deserved its own discussion:


Let's take a thorough look at the global banking sector. The Fed has a Jewish head. (However, there doesn't appear to be any favoritism in Fed policy for Jewish-owned banks, and commercial banks make all the loans to businesses). None of the other biggest central banks (ECB, England, Japan, Canada, Australia, as well as the BIS) have Jewish heads. Now let's look at the Fed's Primary Dealers. These are the banks that create money by buying Treasury bonds from the Fed upon their creation and selling them in 'Open Market Operations.' OMO is the single largest medium of money creation and of private ownership of public debt. The Primary Dealers list is the easiest way to describe who the most powerful Western or West-aligned banks in the world are, and they generally represent the biggest shareholders of the private central banks in their respective countries. For more in-depth info on this subject I recommend the work (namely the documentaries) of Damon Vrabel. Here are the heads of those banks:

Stumpf Wells Fargo (non-Jew), Weber UBS (non-Jew), Masrani TD Bank (non-Jew), Oudea Societe General (non-Jew), Davies RBS (non-Jew), McKay RBC (non-Jew), Nagai Nomura (non-Jew). Gorman Morgan Stanley (non-Jew; is Irish name), Sato Mizuho (non-Jew), Thain (former head) Merrill Lynch (non-Jew), Dimon JP Morgan (non-Jew), Handler Jefferies (Jewish), Flint Gulliver HSBC (non-Jews), Blankfein Goldman Sachs (Jewish), Achleitner Cryan Deutsche Bank (non-Jews), Takashi Daiwa (non-Jew), Rohner Thiam Credit Suisse (non-Jews), O'Neill Citigroup (non-Jew), Lutnick Cantor Fitzgerald (Jewish), McFarlane Staley Barclays (non-Jews), Lemierre Bonnafe BNP Paribas (non-Jews), Downe Pritchard BMO (non-Jews), Porter McGuckin Scotiabank (non-Jews). Two heads were included when a chairman and CEO were listed. Three out of 31 highest officers of the 23 Primary Dealer banks are Jewish. 

Now let's look at the Top 10 largest US banks (by deposits, accounting for the vast majority of deposits in America) in order: Dimon JP Morgan Chase (non-Jew), Moynihan Bank of America (non-Jew), O'Neill Citigroup (non-Jew), Stumpf Wells Fargo (non-Jew), Davis US Bank (non-Jew), Hassell BNY Mellon (non-Jew), Demchak PNC (non-Jew), Fairbank Crawford Capital One (non-Jews), Burke HSBC USA (non-Jew), Masrani TD Bank (non-Jew). For more you can see the Financial Services Roundtable, one of the biggest lobbying organizations for banks, which consists of many of the above names Zero (or possibly one) out of 11 heads of the 10 largest US banks are Jewish. Of the top 20 banks globally, zero are headed by Jews. These 20 banks collectively own over $42 trillion in assets (not customer deposits or the assets of others under management). If you measure by assets under management the Top 10 stays almost the same, with Goldman Sachs (Blankfein) at #5 and HSBC #11. (With regards to investment banks, the global top 20 consists of banks from the above two groups, plus Sumitomo Mitsui, Mitsubishi UFJ, and Lazard. Three of those Top 20 investment banks- Lazard, Jefferies, Goldman- have a Jewish top officer. There does appear to be a higher percentage of Jewish-run firms at the small-and-mid-sized-investment-fund levels, but as a percentage of total wealth it approaches nowhere near either a majority in asset value or in number of firms in those classes). Additionally, none of the major payment card networks have Jewish head officers: Charles Scharf CEO Visa, Joseph Saunders chairman Visa, Richard Haythornthwaite chairman Mastercard, Ajaypahl Banga CEO Mastercard, David Nelms Chairman & CEO Discover Card, Kenneth Chenault Chairman & CEO of American Express. The World Bank is frequently cited as Jewish-controlled often on the basis of previous president Robert Zoellick, who is not Jewish. The current president and director are not Jewish. 3 of 12 World Bank presidents have been Jewish. The IRS is frequently claimed as being Jewish-controlled and the commissioner John Koskinen is cited as being Jewish when he isn't. (3-4 of the last 15 IRS commissioners have been Jewish, which isn't that surprising considering that there is an extremely high representation of Jews among tax lawyers and accountants.)

If you look into the background of these people, the only sources that say some of them are Jewish are general Jew-bashing sites. Any German name (also Polish, Swedish, Russian) is ridiculously labeled 'Ashkenazi Jew' by 'the ZOG' and similar sites since the name looks plausible on paper, when in reality a tiny percentage of people with German, Swedish (many names end in berg e.g. Wahlberg) Polish, and Russian last names are Jewish. German is the largest non-Jew ethnicity in the US and Germany is the world's 4th largest economy. It's pretty much like Flat Earth, where you just make up and share your fake stories and statistics and plug your own blogs, and preach to the choir. Just put 'Ashkenazi Jew' or 'Crypto Jew' next to any name; rarely if ever are citations or evidence given, and seldom do readers verify the information. Then people who fall for the simplistic (or stupid, in the case of Flat Earth) premise lose credibility and provide ammunition to be used against them. 

The following sectors typically associated with the power structure have been thoroughly established to be under large majority or full control of non-Jews, myths notwithstanding: banking (and insurance), defense contracting, oil and natural resources, mining, tech, telecom, biotech, pharma, construction (Bechtel, etc.), aerospace, academia. They also dominate more innocuous industries like retail (e.g. Walmart, Target, etc.), rail and shipping, real estate, agriculture. The Bilderberg and Bohemian Clubs, which represent many of these sectors, are mostly non-Jewish. The US Congress, Supreme Court, and Presidency have been mostly non-Jewish. If there's any counter evidence against my claims, I'd like to see it.

In what is probably the most comprehensive study of who owns the global economy (by ETH Zurich University in Switzerland:, it was found that 147 companies, mostly banks, investment funds, and insurance companies, own 40% of the global economy, and 737 companies own 80%. Since I'd already looked into about 30 of the top 50 listed in the article I decided to look into the rest. Of those top 50 there are two Jewish chairmen/CEOs (Goldman Sachs, who has since dropped out of top 20, and Brandes Investment Partners) with another 2-3 who are possibly Jewish or part-Jewish. A clear majority (60-70% or more) are of white English Protestant background. To look at the economy in the broadest terms: of Americans who make over $100k per year, 5% are Jewish. This is about a 2x over-representation, but there is similar or greater over-representation among Asians, more modest over-representation among whites, and major under-representations among blacks and Hispanics. As a religious group Hindus have income levels and distribution almost identical (slightly weighted more on upper ends of pay scale) to that of Jews, and East Asians earn more than both.

What about the Rothschilds? The Rothschilds were a middle-class family until they rose to power at the turn of the 19th century, and they were the world's wealthiest family for part of the 1800s, but remained powerful into the 1900s. This 'my family is worth $500 trillion' nonsense meme that is going around the internet is completely absurd and 100% made-up. There aren't even $500 trillion of own-able assets in the entire world. That people believe this stuff is way more incredible even than flat earth. I'd estimate that the family is worth between $40 billion and $300 billion, the high end of that range being the peak of the family fortune adjusted for inflation (which was about half that of the Rockefeller family by the turn of the 20th century), assuming nothing has been lost, which is extremely unrealistic. The dynamic founding generations of the family are long gone and there have been no such figures for well over 100 years. Dynastic wealth lasts around one or two generations on average, after which point it tends to dissipate sharply, not go up. If we're operating on evidence here and not imagination, there is no hard evidence the family is collectively worth any more than about $60-80 billion currently. There's not even the tiniest shred of evidence that they have anything whatsoever to do with the operation of any central banks today. Yes they were involved in lending to one central bank in the late 1700s and early 1800s (and possibly with the formation of Fed in early 1900s), and that helped make them very rich, but most of that was 200 years ago and fortunes come and go. There are three identifiable Rothschild billionaires today, Evelyn de Rothschild, who is worth about $20 billion, Jacob Rothschild, $5 billion, and Benjamin de Rothschild, $3 billion.

How about the other banking families? Here is a list of major American and European banking families: Some are defunct or have diminished wealth, others are active. Four out of 35 major banking dynasties (11.4%) have been of Jewish background. The remainder (88.6%) are families of white Christian background.

Lobbying groups like AIPAC and SPLC exert great pressure on universities and the media, but there's no evidence they have any kind of executive power over the system as a whole. They are a special interest mafia that can intimidate and get their way, but that doesn't mean they rule the world. It just means they have some power and regularly use it. Intimidation is virtually never needed at the higher levels of the power structure anyway because the non-Jews and Jews in it have pretty much the same agenda, aside from occasional, relatively minor disagreements on issues in the close vicinity of Israel (2-state solution, settlements, 1967 borders, Gaza, Golan Heights, etc.)

Whatever cohesive Jewish faction there is, its enforcement and surveillance powers pale in comparison to the essentially sovereign, largely non-Jew Western intel world, it does not control the media as will be illustrated, and it does not have potential influence over anything more than over than a small minority of the banking sector, and does not control nearly all of the world's major corporate sectors that are controlled mostly by non-Jews. If there were any conflict between Jews and non-Jews in the power structure, the non-Jew Illuminists could use their far greater wealth and enforcement power to create their own media voices and/or coerce existing media into doing what they want.

But that hasn't been the case. I've said it many times already: the large majority of (Satanic/Illuminist non-Jews) in the power structure want the Middle East tension and intervention, they want the (at least partially) Mossad-staged events, they want Zionism, they want the degradation of culture and dumbing down of society by Hollywood and the media. These cannot be described as uniquely Zionist agendas.


In the thread I pointed out that the large majority of the power structure currently consists and for the last 500-odd years has consisted mostly of (English-Dutch-German) Protestants, with small minorities of Irish Catholics and Jews entering in larger numbers over the last several decades. I also pointed out that none of the political forces behind the Federal Reserve were Jewish, and only 1 out of 6 of the Jekyll Island conspirators was Jewish (albeit a Rothschild representative, with four others representing Morgans and Rockefellers, and one from academia who was apparently unaffiliated and probably there to help make the proposal sound as sterile and complicated as possible). The governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is William Dudley (non-Jew).

I encourage anyone responding to read the 'role of Zionists' thread beforehand. The goal there was not to say that certain Israeli special interests are not causing problems for the US and world, or that they haven't staged or helped stage major events such as 9/11; they obviously are and have and it should be brought to the attention of the public. It is to try to discern what the nature of the power structure actually is, and as far as I can see it's not Jewish in nature, but clearly Illuminist/Satanist. If the arguments being made in the truth movement go against the evidence that's out there, some of which I'm trying to lay out here, they're not going to help anyone except people who want to be fooled and absolve themselves and 'their group' of guilt by scapegoating others.

The reason I got on this subject suddenly is because I felt a need to clarify/elaborate on my statements from the TPS podcast, and decided to do some research before doing so. What I found is that the case for total Jewish domination has been fabricated not only through the rampant false labeling of non-Jews as Jewish and the misrepresentation of the number of major players in a given field, but also blatant lies with no basis in evidence e.g. those of Peace Gal in the last thread; 'Jews dominate pharma' 'Jews control all the Congressional committees,' etc.).

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Apr 30 17 7:12 AM

To clear up TPS 's recent disinfo (that he got from the ZOG; maybe he'll retract or correct but can't say I'm holding my breath) regarding the Fed branches and religion of chairmen:

Federal Reserve Bank of New York: William Dudley (non-Jew) (TPS lied and said is Jewish)
Boston: Eric Rosengren (non-Jew)
Philadelphia: Patrick Harker (non-Jew) (TPS lied and said previous president Charles Plosser is Jewish)
Cleveland: Loretta Mester (non-Jew) (TPS lied and said is Jewish)
Atlanta: Dennis Lockhart (non-Jew)
Richmond: (vacant)
Dallas: Robert Kaplan (Jewish)
Chicago: Charles Evans (non-Jew)
St. Louis: James Bullard (non-Jew)
Kansas City: Esther George (non-Jew)
Minneapolis: Neel Kashkari (non-Jew)
San Francisco: John Williams (non-Jew)

1 out of 12 Fed branch chairmen is Jewish. As noted above, no other major central banks are currently chaired by Jewish people. Guess you'll keep clinging to your baseless theory though...

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