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Israel and Zionism as creations and/or tools of the Western/Illuminati power structure

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Sep 10 16 1:55 PM

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I've been on a kick on this subject here and elsewhere so while it's fresh on my mind I'm going to keep going. I know it's not an original one, but my contention is that Israel and Zionism were created and are being used as tools for both non-Jewish and Jewish Western interests to use to repeatedly intervene and establish a permanent presence in the most hotly contested region on the planet, and one of the most resource-rich geopolitical spaces that is also at the dead center of Afro-Eurasia. The case that 9/11 and related events have benefited Israel above anyone else is extremely weak, as I'll explain below. The case that it benefits the Satanist/Illuminist-controlled Western power structure is strong. If China and Russia are not part of the power structure, then involvement in the Middle East is crucial to maintain geopolitical relevance by knocking everyone else down and destabilizing them. Israel and Zionism as Western causes help the West to break up Afro-Eurasia, keeping the center of the power axis in the US, who in a stable, peaceful Afro-Eurasia scenario would otherwise be much less consequential island, and Western Europe a less-consequential fringe zone. As opposed to the absurd claims that the power structure is trying to establish Israel as its 'capital,' it's clear to me that they are just using it as a sacrificial flash point to prevent the Middle East from stabilizing and bridging the gap into Eastern Europe and Africa which are still influenced by Russia and China (who has been investing enormous resources in Africa) respectively. The only way I can see that this scenario won't come to pass is if the power structure gives up on the US due to resistance to its agendas and crashes its economy, closing up shop to a large extent and shifting more towards Asia-Pacific region than originally planned. 

Obviously my view is unpopular, since 95% of truthers are either totally asleep to the issue of Zionism or excessively scapegoat Jews in the face of evidence, probably in order to absolve their own people and make a daunting situation seem more simple and easily solvable. I'm not saying I haven't fallen into the latter trap to a small extent. For example, I thought the banking system was far greater control of Jews than I found it was when I actually looked into it. There's still an over-representation, but nothing even remotely approaching majority or large minority control. For this post I'm going to refer as people who think all the world's ills are caused by Jews and who think the entire power structure is run by Jews as 'all-Jews.' 

I believe that Mossad was one of the main perpetrators of 9/11, if not the main perpetrator of the on-the-ground operation. The evidence shows to me that they were recruited as willing participants to do the dirty work, but weren't the driving force or in any way the primary beneficiaries of the event. 

Yes, Netanyahu said that Israel benefited from 9/11. Certainly war hawks in the Israeli government and certain Israeli companies did, and pipe-dream Greater Israel expansionists believe they did, but did Israel itself? Let's look at the following players who were involved in and ask the question of cui bono with regards to 9/11: 

A) Virtually all of the extra spending, now arguably $8,000 billion and counting, related to 9/11 went to non-Jewish, non-Israeli interests. None of it was spent in Israel or benefited the Israeli economy. Any spending table scraps amount to around or less than 1% of 9/11-related spending. Silverstein's $3-4 billion insurance gain (most of which he did not keep as I will explain in the follow-up thread) also pales in comparison.
B) Israel got annual US aid for the 42 years prior 9/11, and it hasn't gone up much since. Israeli aid was $3.12 billion in 2000, and is $3.10 billion today. Aid to Israel comprises 0.08% of annual federal spending. In other words, 99.92% of federal spending does not go to Israel. The aid amount works out to about $500 per person/capita per year, and Israel's per capita income is $35,000 a year (US aid is 1.4% of per capita income). The total of all aid ever given to Israel since its founding is equal to 2% of this year's federal budget.
C) Netanyahu's words notwithstanding , as a nation Israel hasn't benefited from 9/11 or from intervention against its neighbors. The Middle East is more destabilized and radical factions that hate Israel and Jews and would be most likely to attack Israel are being funded by the West on all sides of the country and have been for decades. The military budget has been increased which harms the domestic economy. Scams like Iron Dome and domestic, violent false flags are being perpetrated against the people. If 9/11 never happened and Israel had been attacked, the US would have come to their defense in the fullest possible way (just look at Kuwait), maybe even more readily than they would now, considering how Westerners are growing tired of Middle East intervention. Israel in no way needed 9/11 to get the US to defend it in case of attack. 

All indications to me are that Israel and Zionism were created as a permanent way to guarantee Western presence in the Middle East. Western, non-Jewish intervention there goes back to the Crusades and resurged in modern form (i.e. by fomenting radical Islam) at the turn of the 20th century, long before the creation of Israel. The moment European colonial powers and their mercantilist companies left Africa and the Middle East starting at the end of World War I, they began to destabilize these areas into easily bribe-able puppet states as a means to have their (non-Jewish) corporations keep control of resources. Israel as an ally of the US and Western Europe provided a way to guarantee intervention should other means of destabilization fail. And it's notable that when all these agendas were taking shape, the media was also controlled largely by non-Jews.  

By Western it goes without saying I'm not referring to the people of the US/Canada/Australia or Europe, or their (theoretical, since they've barely if ever existed as such) constitutional governments, but the global Illuminati/Satanist power structure that has been in control of their governments for much of the last two centuries. This power structure includes minorities of Jews and Catholics and a majority of Anglo-Dutch-German Protestants whose religious identities are all in name only.

If anyone can provide a case on how Israel has benefited from 9/11 as a nation (rather than just special interests and elements in its government) more than the other largely non-Jewish, non-Israeli groups who benefited from the event, please post it here or the follow-up thread specifically on 9/11.

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Sep 15 16 9:58 AM

The basis for this idea has been fleshed out in other threads, and I wanted to lay out a more coherent outline of it here.

Here is how Zionism as a project of the West (or more broadly, of 'Illuminati' non-Jews and mostly atheist or secular Jews) can be viewed through a historical lens over the last 1000 years:

A) Beginning in the 11th century and continuing to the 15th century, European powers encroach into the Middle East in the Crusades, both to reclaim the Levant for Christians and later stem the expansion of the Ottoman Empire into Europe.
B) By the late 15th century, the New World is discovered and colonialism begins, not only in the Americas but in Asia, parts of the Middle East, and Africa.
C) By the 19th or 18th century, the West resolves to establish the New World (i.e. America) as the center for its power structure, the New World Order.
D) To do this it must colonize, destabilize, or destroy the center of the Old World (i.e. the Middle East and bordering nations), which it has been doing for over 100 years, officially beginning with World War I and the decline of overt colonialism.
E) Were the center of the Old World not ruined, it could make for a peaceful and stable Afro-Eurasia, causing both Asia and Europe to 'pivot' West and East respectively, which would render the US a relatively insignificant island in geopolitical and economic terms and make Western Europe and the UK less meaningful than they are today, not only as powers in their own right but also as an important trade, language, and diplomatic 'gateway' to North America.
F) As the concepts of slavery, colonialism, and the 'White Man's Burden' began to lose moral currency by the late 19th century, Western powers saw the writing on the wall and needed to create an eternal justification for them to be in the Middle East and surrounding areas (Balkans, North Africa, later Central Asia). Political and social causes are too temporary and independence would eventually need to be granted, religious and/or cultural would be better.
G) Along comes Theodore Herzl and Zionism within a few years, and the ideological underpinnings for the Zionist project are firmly established by around 1910, having been hatched in the 1880s.
H) With colonialism and Western influence outside of Europe on the wane, a necessary step in the destabilization of Middle East and bordering regions was to destroy the German & Austrian empires as well as the Ottoman Empire, the latter an extremely stable presence in the Middle East and Maghreb for the previous 700 years. The German & Austrian empires needed to be destroyed because they would ultimately either align themselves with the East or be standalone 'Central (European)' powers, and for many reasons- economic, political, cultural, ethnic- would not align themselves exclusively with the West. World War I is declared in 1914 and Britan and France reassert hegemony in the Middle East, and much of Eastern Europe and the Balkans are crushed. There were local imperial ambitions that contributed to the war's causes (e.g. the Russian Empire's desire for Balkan-Mediterranean territory) but I believe the over-arching reason was to maintain a (false) East-West binary centered on the US and its UK and preserve Western global hegemony.
I) Next would be to drive Jews from Europe into the Middle East to populate Israel, and to make the West the champion of Jews and Zionism. The Balfour Declaration of 1917 makes Zionism an official mission of the US-UK axis before World War I even ends. The German economy is destroyed post-war, and Hitler is funded and raised up by the West in the lead-up to World War II. WWII begins and stories of the Holocaust come home to the US. Israel is founded as a state. Now the West must make sure this never happens again and protect Israel at all costs. Stopping 'another Hitler' becomes the justification for any new military intervention up to the present day. Jews are encouraged to move to Israel to avoid future pogroms and genocide and to view Israel as their only haven.
J) The Cold War begins as a fresh justification for another push into the East by the West. Operation Gladio begins in Italy, Eastern Europe, and Turkey, destabilizing all the countries involved over several decades and up to the present time in Turkey. There, radical Islam is fomented by Western intelligence to prevent secular stability. Southeast Asia is decimated. South America is destabilized in the decades after World War II to prevent the rise of any New World 'multi-polar' power centers that might compete with the planned unipolar 'capital' of the US.
K) With Communism ostensibly over, 9/11 again 'refreshes' the mission and reminds people of the need for Western involvement in the Middle East, on the basis that Islamic nations will never be incompatible with European nations or Israel and that Islam or elements therein will be an eternal enemy of the West, and posits the US as the center of the West that non-Westerners have attacked in an apparent 'go-for-the-throat' assault.

The following provides evidence that Zionism itself did not originate from 'real' Judaism, but from a minority of secular, largely atheist elements within Judaism and outside, non-Jewish Western influences:

A) The inner core of Judaism, i.e. Orthodox and Hasidic Judaism, who most closely observe the faith and are the 'purest' Jews from an ethnic standpoint since they do not intermarry with others, generally oppose the Zionist project and hold it to be a misguided bastardization of Judaism and wholly separate from Judaism, and find no justification for Zionism in the religion's central text, the Torah, analogous to the Bible or Quran. These Jews do not consider the founder of Zionism, Theodore Herzl, an atheist, as were many of the other founding Zionists, to even be a Jew. While on the subject of the Torah should be noted that the Talmud is not held to be a divine or prophetic text by any Jews. It is merely a compilation of discussions by certain Rabbis from a certain period of time.
B) Only (neo)Conservative Jews, Reform Jews, and atheist or agnostic Jews generally support the Zionist State, and even then there are huge majorities who don't, or who at least oppose its current conduct. Most of the political and military will behind Zionism has come from Christian Zionists (who I argue were behind the whole thing) and secular (atheist/agnostic) 'Jewish' Zionists, both of whom I argue comprise part of the 'Illuminati' power structure that is neither Christian or Jewish in nature.
C) Nazism was a central component of Zionism and was funded and supported by the West. Neo-Nazism and other forms of staged anti-Semitism continue to be a central component of Zionism, and 90% of the neo-Nazi 'movement' consists of federal agents like Hal Turner. Without Nazism and neo-Nazism, few Jews would feel a need to move to Israel. Most pro-Zionist propaganda, via the media, diplomacy, and other means, has originated from largely Western, non-Jewish sources.
D) Zionism has been bad for people who actually practice Judaism. It has put their security at risk inside Israel and engendered resentment against them outside of Israel. Jews who have moved to Israel from Western countries are typically socioeconomically worse off than they were in their countries of origin. There's nothing about Zionism that is in the interest of Jews globally. The vast majority of world religions don't have an official state, and it's not considered a problem by their adherents.
E) Theodore Herzl, the 'founding father' of Zionism, was not fixated on the idea of Palestine for a Jewish homeland and had been promoting the idea of doing so on territory in Argentina (and later in British East Africa, modern Kenya), but was convinced by 'British goyim' on a visit to the UK to promote Palestine as the best and only option. The choice of Palestine was cemented into place by the Balfour Declaration, a statement from the British government to Baron Walter Rothschild, endorsing the choice of Palestine and pledging its support for the creation of the state.

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