Nov 26 16 1:06 PM

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I had previously seen many videos of Biden with his hands all over the wives of politicians/lobbyists, kissing their necks in front of their husbands, etc., but this one was way over the top. And it all occurred in a single swearing-in photo session.

In one instance you can clearly hear him whispering 'do you want to know how horny I am to have a 13-year old girl standing next to me right now? talk to my daughter ashley about the film.' while nose-bumping the girl and trying to kiss her ear. In another case he tries to kiss and grope a girl who looks no older than 8 or 10 years old.

I recently came across a 'friendship bracelet' given to Obama by Biden that contains a slice of pizza, which I believe is a reference to sex slavery and child sex-trafficking discussed in pizzagate thread: https://twitter.com/vp/status/761253705341480962

Some of the commenters claim that up-and-coming political players have to 'sacrifice' their wives and daughters for sex with higher-ups in order to 'join the club,' and honestly that wouldn't surprise me at all after seeing this and almost seems likely. In none of the cases do the parents seem upset, and in a few they nudge their daughters toward Biden and laugh about his behavior. The aforementioned video is from 2015; that it's been so long with no consequences or scandal really shows the power of the media to cover these things up. Here is the video:


In this video he is groping girls mostly in the 5 to 7-year-old range:



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