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I posted a comment on an article on Radical Press, but it's apparently not getting approved by moderators and won't show up on the article, so I'm going to post it here. It's basically a run-down of all the grievances against Jews/Israel and I tried to provide a counter-argument/counter-balance on each point. The Israeli lobby and Zionism are a big problem, but in my opinion they are a tool used by the Western power structure (Jewish and non-Jewish alike; mostly non-Jewish) to achieve their goals, not the other way around as claimed by many researchers.


Here is the article with text pasted below: http://www.radicalpress.com/?p=10532

Could you please explain to us ….
1) Why JEWS make up two tenths of one percent of the population, yet represent a whopping seventy percent plus of high positions in global government?
2) Why it is not the four leaf clover, nor the Australian kangaroo, nor the Islamic crescent in the centre of £20/50 and $ bill – it’s the JEWISH star of David?
3) Why is it that the ONLY area in history one is not allowed to question, in sixteen countries without facing incarceration, happens to be JEWISH history?
4) Why is it that the JEWISH Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion are the exact blueprint manifesto for this NWO?
5) Why is it that out of ALL the multitude of holocausts throughout history* – it seems to be only the JEWISH holocaust which is constantly shoved in our faces?
6) Why the complete members of the American congress gave an unprecedented 29 standing ovations to the JEWISH president?
7) Why is it that one is allowed to defame the Muslims, black people, white people, gypsies, antipodeans, red necks, Mexicans; in fact any group of peoples on the planet; as well as aliens – yet JEWISH people are somehow the untouchables?
8) Why it is the JEWISH state of Israel which is the only country in the world to be exempt from international nuclear weapons inspections?
9) How is it that the JEWISH cabalistic symbology is in both Freemasonry and the police uniforms?
10) Why, out of all the world’s religious texts, it is only JEWISH scriptures which are replete with evil, satanic laws; promoting pedophilia, genocide, rape, theft, deception and anti-non-Jewish practices – which is in exact alignment with this NWO?
11) Why is it that when you google ‘the most hated country in the world’ – it comes up with the JEWISH state of Israel?
12) Why was it JEWISH Mossad agents who were jumping up and down with joy in New York dressed as Arabs? Why did they then go on JEWISH national TV boasting that they were there to ‘record’ the event?
13) Why do JEWS openly boast about running Hollywood and the media, and academia, and global finances, and the military, and the mining industries, and major corporations; in their own manuscripts?
14) Why oh why it is only JEWS who have been booted out of 84 countries 109 times throughout history?Or are these mere coincidences?


 1) 'Jews make up 70% of the positions in global government.' Utter BS. Jews are not more than 10-15% (maybe much less) of high-level positions in the US government, and if you analyze the CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg, Club of Rome, and Bohemian Grove their membership is about 10%. See here for more: http://thepaulstalservice.yuku.com/reply/1720/myth-Jewish-domination-9-124-Bilderbergers-Jewish-108#reply-1720
2) This was ostensibly to honor the contributions of Jews to American Revolution (such as Haym Solomon, who raised most of the money for the war but was not wealthy himself, pooling funds from mostly non-Jews such as the world's wealthiest man Robert Morris), though in my opinion that was only a cover and the intention was to insert the Masonic Hex (as above, so below) symbol over the great seal.
3) Regardless of what exactly happened in the Jewish Holocaust, the event has helped (mostly non-Jewish) Western powers far more than it has Jews. It justified American entry into WWII and has justified every act of Western imperialism since, under the guise of stopping 'the next Hitler.' If you follow war spending and the power gains and see who benefits, it goes back mostly to non-Jews.
4) The Protocols are 100% fake, and provably so. The document has been dissected and found to be plagiarized, cobbled together from a few other sources. The 'whistleblower' who published the fake Protocols later admitted that the plot was simply the plot of the political and economic elite (Jewish and non-Jewish alike) against the masses, not Jews against goyim.
5) Noted in point #3, because Jews and Israel were chosen as the protected group by Western imperialists to justify military intervention worldwide and specifically in the Middle East to preserve Western global hegemony and prevent Afro-Eurasian stability that would marginalize the West.
6) It probably has something to do with the intertwined imperialist cause of the West and Israel, but we have nothing else to compare it to. They may well have given a similar number of ovations to UK, France, Germany, etc. (Though guessing no one bothered to count those.)
7) Because Jews have been designated a protected group so that the West has a reason to remain in the Middle East. This way they can baselessly label investigators who oppose Western imperialism in the Middle East as anti-Semitic and get them fired on the basis of racism, not speaking the truth.
8) Probably so that the West can partner with Mossad in black operations involving those weapons, such as 9/11, or have those weapons covertly transferred to them. Look at it like a military version of a Swiss bank account.
9) The Hexagram is a global symbol that goes back thousands of years, to ancient Africa, ancient America, India, the Far East. At some point it was co-opted by Judaism. It was a symbol used by European Christian secret societies (including early Freemasonry) before it became solely identified with Judaism. Similarly, Gematria has Babylonian, not Jewish, origins and is used by the wider power structure and by Kabbala-practicing Jews. The 5- and 6-point stars both have negative associations, but they are not always associated with Pentagrams or Star of David. There are many examples of a 6-point star just being randomly chosen and having nothing to do with Judaism when there are only a few (4; or 7 or 8 points in some cases) star types that could be used for a symbol.
10) The Old Testament is considered the Word of God by Christians and Muslims. The Quran contains calls for genocide/killing of non-believers, as does the New Testament. Passages in the Talmud (a non-divine text) that are said to endorse pedophilia do not and are referring to '3-year-old' recent converts to Judaism. Regarding brides in the 13-year old range, that was normal in Christianity, Judaism, and everywhere else in the world 1,500 to 2,500 years ago and was not considered taboo. There were American Indian tribes who took brides as young as 8 or 10 (but did not consummate right away), and in Asia even today we see marriage of prepubescent children. There are no passages that fully condone rape.
11) First, because the worst acts of the West, its acts of military aggression, are done on behalf of Israel, which is good for the West since it lets them practice global imperialism, particularly in the Middle East, with an air of moral authority. People who can't see through this scapegoat Jews alone. Scapegoating of a foreign group is a long-standing phenomenon. It allows people to 'purify' bad members of their own group and absolve them from harm (look up the psychological phenomenon known as splitting), and setting up a foreign opponent/adversary allows people to explain their own socioeconomic shortcomings (though to be clear, there can be a real link to Jews when people are fired for questioning the Holocaust, criticizing Western intervention in Middle East, etc.; but it is not Jews who are ultimately behind these attacks, it is the West itself).
12) Because they were either cold mercenaries who got a big payoff from the Western power structure or they were religious zealots employed as useful idiots to carry out the on-the-ground aspects of the operation. The overwhelming bulk of the benefits of 9/11 went to non-Jews, and the majority of overall participants were non-Jews. See here for more: http://thepaulstalservice.yuku.com/topic/312/Follow-ZionismToolWest-911-Cui-Bono-question#.WEwOwNUrLIU.
13) Jews come nowhere even close to running the global banking system, managing <10% of major banks and owning far less than that: http://thepaulstalservice.yuku.com/topic/309/Dispelling-myth-JewishZionist-control-banking-sector#.WEwPANUrLIU. Jews do not dominate the media either. Their greatest over-representation reaches about 35% in certain sectors, and in the overall media is 24%: http://thepaulstalservice.yuku.com/topic/316/Largely-dispelling-the-myth-of-Jewish-control-of-the-media#.WEwPLNUrLIU. There is no evidence of significant Jewish involvement in mining. The Rothschilds' interest in Rio Tinto peaked at 30% and they sold off their interests 70 years ago. And that is only one mining company. The percentage of Jewish management and ownership in the overall corporate power structure is under 10%, closer to 5%.
14) There are a variety of reasons for this. Of course there's no source, and they're surely including the hundreds of tiny principalities and city-states in medieval Europe in that total of 'countries,' if the number itself is even accurate. When you demonize, marginalize (spatially, socially, and economically), and claim a minority group to be ugly and inferior, they will hate you and want to victimize you. It's a natural response. The same thing happened and still happens with the Gypsies. The ethos among them is that it's OK and even desirable/honorable to rip-off non-Gypsies, particularly those who hate or don't respect the mobile Gypsy way of life and Gypsy values. It's a vicious cycle. Gypsies have been (and still are) hated and driven in and out of countries across Europe for over 1,000 years. Jews may have been hated more than Gypsies because they were often more educated and had greater business savvy than their non-Jewish counterparts, while Gypsies eschewed formal education and conventional notions of economic success. Commerce until recently was seen as extremely low status and banking was prohibited (via religious doctrine, for non-Jews) outright. The majority of Jews have genetic heritage largely of raw business savvy (i.e. street merchants, pure buy-low sell-high-type businesses that involve marketing intelligence) for decades, not of farming and craft-making (skills that are not as rewarded in the modern world, except in science, inventions, etc.) like most white non-Jewish Europeans. Today money buys more power and socioeconomic status than it once did. This is why I believe Jews are highly over-represented (though not dominant) in business today, and can buy outsized access for their children into academia through grants and donations to schools and ability to pay tuition for elite secondary education.

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