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All non-Flat Earth shill channels have been ignoring Pizzagate or calling it a hoax

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Dec 17 16 6:32 PM

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Flat earth channels like Russianvids and Lift the Veil are covering Pizzagate in a very scattershot and disorganized way. This is meant to make the case look weak and align it with Flat Earth insanity.

'Straight man' 'inner' channels like Peekay Redsilverj and Mark Dice have completely ignored it.

'First gate' 'starter' channels Infowars and AMTV have called it a distraction.

Left wing 'alternative' figures like Stephen Colbert and The Young Turks have called it 'fake news' and an 'alt-right fever dream' 

So far only SGT Report, who has been a pretty good channel in the past, has covered it.

See 'Pizzagate Is Anything but Fake News' thread for a compilation of much of the evidence.

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Posts: 332 Member Since:11/22/15

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Dec 18 16 6:36 AM

I do agree that there is something fishy about how quickly all the evidence came to light, but in its totality it is evidence of child sex abuse, not a red herring. I am open to alternative perspectives though. This guy has an interesting take on it; he thinks that Pizzagate is meant to incite a real/partially staged/fully staged 'mass casualty event' against Comet Ping Pong for the purposes of banning/regulating free speech especially on the internet. I think this is unlikely for reasons I'll post below but wanted to share in meantime:

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