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Dec 20 16 7:17 PM

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While it seems that the Flat Earth disinfo campaign may be slowly shutting down and shifting towards Mandela Effect, fake death/sex change claims a la Dallas Goldbug, solar storms/shifts, or some New Age BS, and I never remotely believed the theory myself, the empiricist in me wanted to disprove it with my own eyes. Over the past few months I was in Ohio Michigan and Wisconsin near some large lakes and took photos hoping to prove that objects were consistently cut off by curvature, and I did. I also captured a slight, right-side-up superior mirage demonstrating that the phenomenon exists and that it does not always display an upside-down image. 

1) Lake Erie shot from Lakewood Park outside Cleveland OH. Distance unknown. Height is probably about 75-100 feet above lake level. Tanker ship completely cut off at the bottom.

The next five are from Glen Haven on Sleeping Bear Bay, Empire MI, vantage point 44.904876, -86.025976 at lake line, taken from about 5.75 feet height. This vantage point was perfect because the edge of the harbor, Pyramid Point, was 6.2 miles from my perspective, well beyond the horizon, which should and did result in about 7.5 feet hidden from view. The closest perspective shown below is about 3.5 miles from vantage point, just beyond horizon. See map: .

The photos are in a sequence from nearest to farthest. Note that the entire shoreline of the bay has a beach, which you can verify from Google Maps and Google Image, yet the beach becomes gradually and then completely cut off as the perspective moves from south to north along the bayshore, from 3.5 miles to over 6 miles.

2) Across Glen Haven Harbor in Empire MI (see map). The beach is visible, though partially cut off at the bottom.

3) Moving to the left along the row of houses. The beach is now almost completely cut off.

4) Moving slightly more to the left. The beach is gone.

5) Now past the houses. Beach and bottoms of trees near shore line are cut off.

6) Moving left towards the point. Beach and bottoms of trees still cut off.

7) End of Pyramid Point.Entire beach area cut off from view, 7.5 feet above lake level not visible.

Proof Pyramid Point has a beach:

Moving on to Oshkosh WI. This time the vantage point is from lake level about 5 feet above lake level (sitting down on rocks). From Doemel Point looking across Lake Winnebago towards Kloten and Stockbridge WI, 9.35 miles, which should and did result in about 29 feet hidden by curvature. See map:

As you can see on Google Maps, the opposite shore on Lake Winnebago 9.3 miles away has lake homes and docks. Neither the docks nor the homes are visible at all due to the distance. Only farm buildings and silos on the higher farm terrain about 11 miles away in Stockbridge (1.5 miles from water's edge) can be seen, along with wooded areas closer to the shoreline but higher than the lake homes.

8) Tall silo, stretched and distorted from mirage. Shore and lake homes not visible

9) A slightly clearer shot demonstrating that no lake homes are visible

10) The same silo as above, distorted significantly by mirage

11) Same upper-tier home as above, with bottom stretched from superior mirage

12) Clear shot showing upper tier farm buildings and silos with shore area completely hidden from view

The coordinates 44.0141574,-88.3075479 will give you an idea of the slow uphill climb from the lake shore to the farm areas pictured. One of the farms pictured may be this one 1.5 miles from the lake shore (106 feet above lake level) :44.082542,-88.299679, taken at an angle, with the silo to the right being on another farm 1 mile closer to the lake and thus appearing larger: 44.0818358,-88.3142997. Whether or not these are the farms is ultimately irrelevant since there are no silos next to large farm buildings at the lake shore.

That's three different proofs of round earth. Not 'perspective,' not distortion from a mirage (in all cases), not the shape of my camera lens.

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Dec 27 16 2:41 PM

Yeah I agree. Have been having trouble posting images. When I click the image button in the formatting toolbar and put in the photo URL it brings me to a new page that only contains the photo, rather than putting the photo within the forum post. Although if people just right-click 'open in new tab' they can quickly load and cycle through all the photos.

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Dec 28 16 11:56 AM

Wow!!! Post just got way better!

Those images are great.. and clearly illustrate a curvature.. I expect those will NEVER be talked about by David Weiss, Patricia Steere or any other flat earth shill..

Thanks so much, and sorry to be a dick about posting the actual images, it just makes it so much more accessible.. A lot of people, including myself don't like clicking links.. Not that I don't trust you Psmith, but just sayin, it's way better to post the images in the thread.

Thanks for this thread man.

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Dec 28 16 2:23 PM

No I completely agree. I have been trying to post images in many recent threads but had trouble. It's still not working though. I had been attempting your method earlier using postimage website to generate an image url and it kept kicking over to new page. I tried imgur for it this time and it didn't kick over but the image itself wouldn't preview or display and just appeared as a red X or small window icon. So I had to drag and drop the image from imgur onto the actual body of the thread, which made posting commentary between them harder, hence the single block of images (which should match the order in the initial post). But it's better than nothing.

I like these perspectives because they have a fixed backdrop in most cases, and can be repeated by anyone any day with a decent zoom capability on his or her camera. Anyone who lives near a large lake, island off coast, or ocean without a straight coast can do the same. All you need is a fixed object that you can view over more than 3 miles of water. Viewing over water is preferable since it basically eliminates altitude variables. There is absolutely no explanation or alternative model that would explain the precisely cut-off, fully hidden area other than a round planet.

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