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I'm still looking into the background on this, but thought I'd put it out there for now in case anyone wants to look into it. Dominic Puopolo Jr. was portrayed by the media as a random mentally ill homeless person in Florida who posted online that he was going to kill Trump at the inauguration.

Soon after the story came out it was discovered that he was actually a friend of the Clintons and was photographed sitting next to them at some kind of exclusive gala. Then it was reported that he is the son of Sonia Puopolo who was said to be on the fake Flight 11. So he is clearly connected to intelligence/'the 'deep state', US or otherwise. I am going to look into the background of both Puopolos.

We know Flights 11 and 175 never took off let alone hit the Towers (and the other two did not crash at the Pentagon or Shanksville, if they took off at all), so all the 265 alleged victims of the 4 planes including Sonia Puopolo were recast as new identities, were already dead, or never existed, probably a mix of all three cases. There is also the remote possibility that certain insiders were killed as part of the operation, as posited in the movie Operation Terror (which I don't endorse at all as an accurate theory on 9/11, but is a somewhat interesting watch nonetheless); this is not my belief but it remains a possibility at least in some cases.

In my opinion the more shadowy parts of the shadow government, for lack of a better term, have pulled and will continue to pull these stunts on a regular basis to scare Trump. Another example of this is someone who walked into Trump Tower with a bag of weapons and was basically set up to be arrested. It was clear he 'took one for the team' and had no goal other than to get arrested and have his otherwise pointless attempt be noticed and reported on by the media.

Using these 'nuts' (who are likely intelligence agents/assets) to pull these intentionally half-assed stunts is a way for the media-intelligence complex to indirectly threaten people, just like news stories and especially opinion pages are ways for the shadow government to provide/reinforce recommendations/instructions to people in the government. If you want an especially good example of this take a look at the New York Times from September 12th, but it continues to happen in the daily editions of NYT/WSJ/other major papers. (To be clear I don't at all believe Trump is a total outsider but think it is definitely possible he is not a complete insider either.)

In some sense this is the opposite of the 'Tyler Dodd phenomenon' that TPS uncovered, where drug-addled or criminally compromised (i.e. on verge of being charged) scumbags are being recruited to play upstanding citizen heroes in staged events. In cases like Dodd's, if they ever turned and talked (not that there is anyone to go to; blackmail/threats/payoffs do the job in 99.9% of cases anyway), they are 'pre-discredited' by their pasts and could thereby be ignored, or just offed/disappeared without anyone caring. But in another way it's part of the same 'scene,' where there is a ring of 'players' that consists of both scumbags/criminals who are playing luminaries/heroes, and luminaries/insiders who are playing bums/criminals/lone nuts.

This ties into the Dallas Goldbug disinfo op. I'm not saying they're usually using people for two roles (though have for David Wheeler, even potentially in cases like Obama/'Osama II'), but it's the idea that people from all different levels of society are insiders playing an assigned role. Goldbug is there to discredit this idea. Just like disinfo agent Simon Shack is there to discredit 'vicsims' (simulated victims) by taking it too far and saying no one ever dies, when fake victim identities are an integral part of staged events.

Update: I found that Dominic Puopolo Sr. is the co-founder and log-time CEO of American Medical Response/AMR, one of the nation's largest private ambulance services who was one of several private ambulance companies involved in the Boston (non-)Bombing in conjunction with Boston City ambulance units. Worth noting since this kind of company is key in staging events (as noted I believe by TPS in a video regarding the Michael Hastings assassination).


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