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The Alex Jones is an Advanced Cointelpro Megathread!

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Jan 25 17 8:05 PM

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This is a really great video.. the "bad" ratings are no surprise, because it hits the nail on the head!

This is an AWESOME webpage which goes into the NLP techniques used by jones:

This is about Alex Jones huge house, in a gated community, and his Jewish neighbors: Timothy Fitzpatrick
March 21, 2015 Anno DominiLife must be pretty good for Alex Jones.He’s raking in millions, living large within the protective barrier of his CIA/Zionist handlers, and fooling millions of people with his sophisticated fake persona using psychological trickery and word magic.His largely lower class audience haven’t the educated means with which to figure out the con. They are at the mercy of a heavily funded psychological operation, with an intelligent millionaire as the window dressing. His audience gets poorer and poorer with the doom and gloom Jones sells them as he himself gets fatter (literally) and richer.imageOne of the many rewards Jones has received for his establishment shilling is his Dogwood Creek home, which is safely located in a gated community in Austin, Texas . It is now valued at over $1 million, dwarfing the shanty his average listener rents or squats in. One source lists Jones’ home at $1,039,947. Jones also recently opened up another fancy, new studio, supposedly all with the funding of his meager PrisonPlanet TV subscriptions and the proceeds from his Infowars store, which consists of disinformation material and unverified health products. Late last year, Jones claimed to have invested $70-90 million into the Infowars group of companies. By the way, these companies, shown below, are registered through Jones’ Jewish, Bronfman-connected attorney Elizabeth M. Schurig. Other apparent shell companies, like Magnolia Management LLC and I Am That Girl, are listed here.
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