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Is the Oroville dam fiasco a $1 trillion infrastructure false flag?

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Feb 13 17 12:55 PM

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I'm just throwing this out there so that it might be investigated if it isn't already. There's at least $1 trillion riding on the premise that we need huge-scale infrastructure repair and replacement. To what extent that's true or not, I don't know. The money would be better spent there than wars in the Middle East, but would be better still if it was never spent at all since it involves massive, unpayable debt.

Sure, it could just be an accident, but it could also have been staged as a 'never again' moment to support/force Trump's premise that we need the infrastructure plan, which is probably the only thing that could offset/delay a massive recession from the long overdue and much needed bursting of the US stock market bubble. Ultimately it will just make the debt bubble bigger but could delay its bursting until Trump is out of office. Just a thought for now and will add comments below if there's anything to substantiate this.

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