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Feb 16 17 10:44 PM

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#2 [url]

Mar 8 17 12:37 PM

As I said before, I believe I watched this a few years ago. It didn't provide any information I wasn't already aware of. You ridiculously say I 'refuse to talk about it' when you've never mentioned it or asked me about it.

I wager I can guess exactly what's in it:

-Reference to USS Liberty and/or Cole incident
-Mention of Mossad motto (by deception do war; so does that suggest US/Western intel never tells a lie or deceives? yeah right)
-Mention of arrests of dancing Israelis and Urban Moving Systems
-Mention of PNAC, which was less than half Jewish people and as far as I know had zero Israelis, and did not plan or mastermind 9/11; 9/11 was clearly planned since at least the 1980s and not by Israelis. PNAC represents about 5% of the total major players
-Discussion of Mossad ops in the South and Midwest involving art sellers and mall employees
-Discussion of art students in NYC who were not Israeli (they were Austrian) as if they were Israeli (Henan Serfaty was in a different program)
-Christopher Bollyn and Alan Sabrosky saying they think it was all an Israeli operation because of the single piece of evidence above (dancing Israelis)

I've said countless times that it's clear that elements of Israeli intel (or more likely, rogue elements thereof who were operating under auspices of US intel) were involved to some degree in 9/11. There's no evidence Urban Moving Systems and the Dancing Israelis did anything more than get arrested on purpose in order to give up their cache of suspicious photos and evidence. They were willing (potential) scapegoats who were there to muddy the waters, knowing there were multiple other foreign scapegoat layers protecting them (Bin Laden, Khalid Sheik Mohamed, ISI & Pakistan, Saudis from 28 pages, art students who were German/Austrian/American and would just be labeled as Illuminati/insert shadowy group, etc etc) and that since there was no actual case against them (since they didn't do it) and they were not American, they'd never face justice. They were probably very well compensated considering they have been key in deflecting blame from the domestic power structure that is overwhelmingly responsible, thanks in large part to the all-the-Jews psy-op that is massive (far bigger and longer-running than Flat Earth) and that you appear to be falling for to a considerable degree.

They weren't involved in any of the key elements of the plot:
1) The demolition/powderization of WTCs 1-7
2) Attacking Pentagon and Shanksville with missiles/drones
3) The plane deception, carried out by elements of US government, media, the BTS, the airlines, and Saudi elements
4) The cover-up, which was massive both on the ground that day and involved the entire US media and many government departments in the months and years afterwards
5) The 'special effects:' potential audio sound effects of jet engiine, blowing out plane-shaped gash (which was likely the art students, though that doesn't explain South Tower gash)

There's no evidence they were even involved in the low-level-henchmen activities (though they could have been):
1) Faking the 'amateur' videos (Meyers, Spell, Clark, Cloud, Nathaniel, etc etc)
2) Spreading rumors on the ground 'did you see that plane?'
3) Planting the plane evidence (this might have been ejected from the towers or planted by hand) (could have been the Austrian art students or any number of other parties)
4) Identifying and neutralizing (kidnapping, killing, seizing equipment/videos) non-insider witnesses who may have witnessed no planes or something else they shouldn't have seen (and the few they didn't detect had nowhere to tell their stories and would be drowned out by the plane consensus anyway)
5) Controlling the scene (the multiple men-in-black we see, clearly non-Israelis, who were guiding reporters, 'can't say what my role is' etc.)

You get extreme tunnel vision regarding Zionism and Jews and it looks bad in a variety of ways (and causes you to get to 9/11 all wrong), I'm just telling you.

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#3 [url]

Mar 8 17 1:22 PM

Yep I've seen this before and was basically right

-Explains Israel has an intelligence agency and has sayanim 'partners' in private sector (US intel has this too, massive network of 'private sector partners' like in InfraGuard)
-Goes into USS Liberty event of 1960s; israel staged one false flag event 50 years ago, so all events since be blamed on them
-Claims Israel planted the mini-nukes; because Israel has nukes
-Goes into PNAC (which were just contemporary neocon 'court intellectuals' for an event planned decades before, as explained above, and did not plan 9/11); only mentions Jewish members and ignores that 6 out of 11 of the major members in PNAC were non-Jewish
-Unverifiable story about Jewish cemetery (and did they miss the part where the entire American media and political establishment also knew exactly what was going to happen for decades?)
-Dancing Israelis (and their counterpart at Sears Tower, driving broken-down, unregistered vans; sounds like a stealth operation) and aftermath. The Dancing Israelis were an intentional decoy meant to be arrested and attract attention of people who want to believe it's all the Jews
-Talk of ICTS, who were minor players since they only controlled gate security (not airport operations) and no one went through the gates; ignores that ICTS was not at Dulles airport
-Mentions that some Israelis or Jews were aware of attacks beforehand (as were an enormous amount of non-Jews; see cemetery point)
-Expresses surprise that a Chicago-based metal's recycler (MMI; then one of the nation's largest recycling companies) purchased the WTC steel for $120/ton (which was about market rate) and lies that MMI was given a sweetheart deal because the company had a Jewish president (leadership seems to have been otherwise non-Jewish), when in reality MMI was one of the only feasible buyers for such a large quantity
-Lies that Jews are Israeli citizens (way more than 95% aren't; you have to get permanent residence there first and then convert or prove ancestry and apply for citizenship)
-Confuses fact that Zionism and Middle Eastern intervention is 100% in interest of Western power structure, not against their interests (instead naively believing that the people run things and that the oligarchy actually considers their interests, all the while dosing them with fluoride and spraying them with heavy metals regularly)
-Goes through history of israeli spies that had nothing to do with 9/11 (there have been countless double agents from many countries)
-Lies that only Israelis can be dual citizens (I know dual citizens of UK, Canada, and other countries; it's not at all uncommon; few countries make it illegal)
-Talks about Wolfowitz being president of World Bank (ignores that 80% of recent presidents have been non-Jews)
-Mentions any Jew that had any relation whatsoever to 9/11 and calls them all Israelis (completely ignoring the large majority of equally significant participants who were not Jews)
-Names a dozen or two Jewish people holding positions in US government (including a variety of lower-level deputy and assistant positions, clerical positions like White House director of scheduling, etc.), ignoring the thousands upon thousands of equally important government positions not held by Israeli dual citizens, and lies that many of them are dual citizens when there's no evidence it's the case
-Continues naming ambassadors and points out that 8 out of 220 ambassadorships were held by (non-Israeli) (alleged) Jews, and lies and says they're Israelis. Doesn't just name ambassadors at time of 9/11, names anyone who held ambassadorship between 2000-2010, which probably includes 500-1000 people since average term is 2-3 years. No evidence a single one of the eight is Israeli dual citizen, yet claims is the case
-Harps on Chertoff involvement, when non-Jew Robert Mueller ran FBI at the time and authorized release of arrested Israelis. Lies that Chertoff owned Rapiscan, when he was just a lobbyist for them and made about $1-2 million from the US government's contracts with Rapiscan
-Says ridiculously that Chertoff 'is the man behind the lack of investigation of 9/11 because ran Criminal Justice division until July 2001' (before 9/11 even happened, which makes zero sense). The cover-up of course happened after the event and involved 10+ agencies and dozens or hundreds of (overwhelmingly non-Jewish) people in government
-Mentions randomly that president of Virginia Tech Charles W. Steger is Jewish (no evidence he is Jewish; last name is German) and that guns were banned on campus at the time of the shooting. Ignores dozens of staged shootings at universities without Jewish presidents where guns were also banned. Mentions that professor who supposedly helped subdue shooter was Jewish. Ignores the 35 or so other victims/participants who were mostly not Jewish, and good Samaritans in the dozens of other staged shootings who were not Jewish
-Mentions fake passenger Jeremy Glick on Flight 93 who with other passengers helped subdue non-existent hijackers, 'along with the Jewish hero of Virginia Tech of course, quite a mathematical absurdity.' Yes, of the probably hundreds of players in the dozens of staged events in the 1990s and 2000s, it's a 'mathematical absurdity' that two were Jewish; not
-Mentions that two judges related to 9/11 were Jewish; ignores the many non-Jewish judges involved. Tediously goes into the irrelevant community service activities (Jewish charities, etc.) of one of the judges, as if it's supposed to sound sinister
-Mentions that 9/11 fake (plane passenger) victim fund was managed by Kenneth Feinberg. So the overwhelmingly non-Jewish fake plane passenger victims received money from a Jewish administrator of the fund
-Lies that the global law firm Skadden Arps (one of largest corporate law firms in world) is primarily an Israeli firm and has 'deep ties to Israel' when they have no particulary deep ties there (compared to any number of other countries). Like many law firms they have a lot of Jewish lawyers, just like any hospital has a lot of Indian doctors
-Goes into Silverstein and Lowy (again wastes times saying they support Jewish charities, etc). Ignores that Port Authority owns the World Trade Center, that Silverstein spent all funds rebuilding the buildings, and that square footage and rental income did not substantially increase after the rebuild and that Silverstein received no compensation for a decade or so of lost rent while continuing to pay lease fees to Port Authority; meaning Silverstein didn't really profit much at all, probably just let it happen because he's an insider
-Goes into SPC (System Planning Corporation, an American company and major defense contractor run by a non-Jewish person, formerly run by Dov Zakheim) and how they developed a remote takeoever system (ignoring that no planes were taken over on 9/11)
-Lies that Ptech was an Israeli company (Saudi founder, based in America) and saying they stopped NORAD response (there was nothing to respond to). Asks, 'why would a Jewish lawyer go to work for a software company?'
-Tries to imply that most Freemasons are Jewish, when virtually all Masons who have been involved in the power structure and the overwhelming majority of Masons at large have not been Jewish (Freemasonry is mostly British Protestants like the large majority of the power structure is)
-Brings up terrorist events and crimes around the world involving Israelis and Jews (insert any other ethnicity and see how ridiculous this looks)
-Posts a 'report' from a Mexican all-the-Jews blog (implying it is a major newspaper) that claims an attack in Mexican parliament building involving multiple automatic weapons, pipe bombs, grenades, etc. was meant to draw Mexico into war against Bin Laden and Afghanistan. There are zero records of this event (as claimed) happening outside of David Duke's website and other all-the-Jews blogs. There is one record of an incident from El Universal (, that a pair of men, one an Israeli immigrant and the other a retired Mexican army officer, were detained when the Mexican officer was carrying a 9mm non-automatic handgun (which he had a permit for and was registered to him) on his person and a cigarette lighter that was initally thought to be a grenade. The Israeli immigrant wasn't armed. The former officer had no miltary ID and wasn't carrying his gun permit, and was released after two days when he produced the permit (for retired DoD officers) (the BS version claims it took months of personal negotiations by Ariel Sharon) and proved his current status as a security guard. I understand well what memory-holeing is, but if anything like what is claimed happened you're going to find some reference to it somewhere, even if euphemistically as 'devices' 'weapons' etc. Missing Link describes a non-Jewish Mexican general who was Department of Defense head at the time a 'Jewish criminal asset' because he 'had ties to the American military industrial complex' (no details given) 'which has ties to the IDF.' So anyone with any relation the US military is now a 'Jewish criminal asset.' (Seriously, TPS? You hold this crap in high regard? Frankly it's pathetic.) There's little to nothing here, but Missing Links compares this to an attempted Mexican 9/11. Again, this is how the all-the-Jews psy-op is constructed
-Lies that 'criminal Jew personality' and 'Michael Chertoff's cousin' Benjamin Chertoff (no relation to Michael Chertoff; has stated 'no one in my family has ever met anyone related to Michael Chertoff') was 'the one behind' the Popular Mechanics 9/11 debunking series. There are several authors named in connection with the piece including two chief authors, who are not Chertoff or Jewish. Chertoff was one of many minor contributors.
-Lies that Amit Yoran was 'in charge' of Pentagon network security during 9/11, when he was one of many people involved in it, most of whom were not Jewish
-Lies in similar way that Stephen Cauffman was 'leader of NIST cover-up' when he was a mid-level NIST engineer who played a relatively small role in the report. The film is clearly grasping at straws at this point and witch-hunting every department for Jewish employees
-Claims to connect Israeli aerospace company Israeli Aerospace Industries (which makes huge variety of products) to 9/11 because of a Flight Termination System (not an unusual product for an aerospace company), when there were no flights on 9/11
-Concludes by spinning wheels with reports of US military cooperating with Israel (an ally) in Middle East, and reports by Wayne Madsen that 'Jewish agents wish to gain access to NSA' (like every intelligence agency does). Ends by painting the NSA (who violate the 4th amendment and chill the 1st amendment of every American every day) as the good guys.

Missing Links is classic all-the-Jews BS. The official website is headlined '911 Missing Links PROOF JEWS DID 911.' Again, insert 'Christians' '[non-Jew] whites' etc. Does that sound like a balanced, clear-headed documentary to you? No, it consists almost entirely of garbage like the above, mostly cherry-picked information (pointing out Jews in a field and iignoring wider set of non-Jews in same field) and endless instances of irrelevant company and charity logos. As expected, Missing Links implies that the (largely non-Jewish) domestic power structure who did it is pure/redeemable, and was only manipulated by Israel/Jews. The producer 'Michael John Delaney' is clearly a neo-Nazi (or more likely a fed deflecting researchers away from the domestic culprits; as is 'Timothy Fitzpatrick'; these all seem like fake names). The director 'John Alan Martinson' aka 'Dev Samael Daval' (self-proclaimed Satanist) is even worse. Anyone who looks into these two and can't instantly see they are shills or mentally retarded is hopeless.

The comically deep voice, military font, Israeli flag waving in the background; give me a break. It's either totally careless, dishonest research, or intentional disinfo; almost certainly the latter. Are Jews over-represented in the power structure, and were Israeli elements involved in 9/11? Yes, but the vast majority of the culprits were non-Jews and the overwhelmingly bulk of the benefits went to non-Jewish, non-Israeli public and private interests. All of the major elements of the operation (outlined above) were carried out by groups who were in very large part not Jewish, let alone Israeli. Thus, calling it 'an Israeli operation' is disinfo, plain and simple. Saying it was 'mostly an outside job' is also disinfo.

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#5 [url]

Mar 20 17 6:14 AM

That is supposed to pass for a response? 'Syria Libya etc'   How about the $8+ trillion and counting in war spending, the global police and surveillance state, the ban on cash, the global opium trade, the global oil and rare earth trade, the government debt paid to (over 90% non-Jewish) banks? Wow, you really are hopeless at this point. It's amazing how good someone can be on certain issues and bad on others. You've been fully co-opted by the all-the-Jews psy-op. Unfortunately can no longer recommend your channel.

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#6 [url]

Mar 24 17 8:40 PM

psmith85 wrote:
That is supposed to pass for a response? 'Syria Libya etc'   How about the $8+ trillion and counting in war spending, the global police and surveillance state, the ban on cash, the global opium trade, the global oil and rare earth trade, the government debt paid to (over 90% non-Jewish) banks? Wow, you really are hopeless at this point. It's amazing how good someone can be on certain issues and bad on others. You've been fully co-opted by the all-the-Jews psy-op. Unfortunately can no longer recommend your channel.

Fine with me man, recommend whoever you like.

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#7 [url]

Mar 25 17 10:20 AM

As I said, you've done great work on a great variety of subjects and I and others appreciate that; chances are people won't come across the small amount of BS, so no harm no foul in most cases. But at this point you are representing/aligning yourself with a certain packaged worldview/psy-op that puts Israel and Jews under the microscope to an absurd degree, making absolutely ridiculous statements that 'Israel benefited the most from 9/11' when all but $0 of the $8 trillion and counting in new spending and none of the great power gains ended up in Israeli hands (and re: Israeli aid, it has been the same since the 1960s, and might have actually gone slightly down after the event). When you say something like that, that overwhelms years of study of the event, dealing with the entirety who gained, who was involved, etc, it illustrates how profound the obsession/complex you have is.

And you continue to ignore all the evidence I have laid out, here and elsewhere. On the rare occasions that you respond to evidence that is contrary to your beliefs, all you have to say is 'super long post' 'manifesto' 'don't have time' 'too busy' i.e. no response at all. And after ignoring it you continue perpetuating the BS: that Jews dominate the banking system, that the existence of Israel does not benefit Western imperialism far far far more than it does Israel itself.

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#9 [url]

May 25 17 9:22 PM

This is a great documentary.. Definitely A+, and hard to argue with..

Who benefits from the "War On Terror"? Israel only.

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