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Aug 26 14 7:45 PM

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I'd like to start a poll showing whether people believe a news story is real or fake.
For instance, this news about an American fighting alongside ISIS who has been killed.
An American rapper from Minnesota whose name is Douglas McAuther McCain.
Yep, a good ol midwest hometown homie with the seemingly uber patriotic name goes Muslim - then he goes radical Muslim.
Yep he got chosen and sent off to Syria to train and fight alongside ISIS.
Yet, curiously, little is known about him except for the recent years.
Schooled in San Diego, the school there would not comment on his study courses or dates.
On the other hand, federal authorities had been aware and observing this man for some time.
What parents let alone a black parent(s) is going to name there little child such a name?
Is this more alignment for blacks to be Muslims and whites to be Christians?
What do you think?

Is the story about Douglas McAuther McCain real, fabricated, or some combination of both? (Result)

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